February 26, 2021


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BC NDP promising “FREE” money to voters ahead of snap election — and this isn't buying votes?

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38 thoughts on “BC NDP promising “FREE” money to voters ahead of snap election — and this isn't buying votes?

  1. Horgan’s motive to forward the Globalists Covid Lockdown Agenda to put more Lockdown Enforcements into place and at the same time be un-accountable for all politicians to begin the transhumanism vaccination depopulation program. All these people in the government will be taken to task for Crimes Against Humanity and they won’t get away with it. Know it for sure people are aware of what’s going on. and its high time BC Doctors, the Police and Lawyers start standing up and doing their My Citizens Duty -expose thjis Provincial political-globalist program for what it is. Don’t be a coward anymore!

  2. UBI has been proven to work in Korea. There should be a law saying that the 1000$ received from the government. should be used in local, non chain businesses. And that would put money back into our local economies.

    It’s not buying your vote, it’s part of their platform and any other party could have done the same.

  3. You are awesome Drea. Love your style. I am now a fan. It is pretty obvious were are paying way to much in taxes if he can give all this money away.

  4. Absolutely unbelievable! This is blatant vote buying and with the tax payers money. The arrogant stupidity of this shows how far off the rails our politicians have gotten. Next bid please? Do we need an auctioneer or a cop? If this goes unpunished we have lost all values. Snap out of it voters this is WRONG.

  5. What I love is that they are buying votes with our own money and more debt for our kids. New taxes and high inflation to come later. It is completely socialism. I don't mind sharing but I don't think funneling our charity through politicians and bearocrats that skim, one way or another, is a great idea. Almost everything government touch's turns to crap. Socialism always ends in totalitarianism.

  6. free transportation for kids? Where kids will go,if they planning to close everything????????????????????????????????????????????? Recovery benefit is $1.4 billion while they will take back min $12.8 billion back. Who does math in this government????????

  7. They promise you $1000 benefit while they will collect from you from $12.8 billion to 15$ billion. Which illusion people you live? Fight for yourselves. Politics dont give a damn about taxpayers, they need just taxes from them.

  8. Do you understand that their salaries are payed from taxpayers pockets, so taxpayers will pay for everything, not politicians .HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Stop helping them to get rich.

  9. Wow….people are so cheap….here for you $1000/$500 and now I am your master….hello!!!! Read the Bible and understand who your kings are for God sake, they want to use you, and that's it, take everything you have and that's it…. Stop selling yourself. And then people are surprised why we had/have a slavery. Maybe because some people have a set price for their voices and lives?

  10. If the commie liberals win expect full locked down, mandatory masks, shop and business close, hike in carbon tax, msp return, toll roads again

  11. Crooked Christie Gordon Campbell and all the liberals who had the press like palmer good cknw global the province and sun in their pockets bc rail will never be forgot a donkey could run against the liberals and win

  12. Giving people money does not stimulate the economy. The economy is driven by psychology. People save when they see dark times ahead, and with the NDP in control very dark times are indeed ahead.

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