46 thoughts on “Behind Bars: The World’s Toughest Prisons – Antananarivo Prison, Madagascar | Free Documentary”
  1. There is a lot of good people in there. Stealing because they are starving or trying to feed family. Man I feel so bad. I wish I could take a few and help them and get a job or anything

  2. They have my condolences thinking I'm going through something this has humbled me watching this, I mean you give someone power this what they do they don't have the money for medicine, or food but I bet the ones who run this prison getting paid

  3. Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates can easily change this country so that they don't end up in jail for stealing because they have no food or place to stay. This is just a human tragedy. Meanwhile in other parts of the world the rich get richer while here in Madagascar, the poor go head first into hell. If you opened a big factory there and hire those people, this would all change.

  4. This is so sad and I have never been to any prison in my life but I believe if they come together and discuss they could probably keep most of the prison yard clean.
    If any of the prisoners has an infectious disease and was released without being isolated/quarantined, he/she could spread it to the community and even the whole city.

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