March 8, 2021


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49 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Violent Men | Part 2 | Free Prison Documentary

  1. This is hard time? Maybe people from 3rd world countries should go to scotland to commit crimes. That would be luxuries for those people. One man was complaining about the food, cell etc. WHAT DOES HE THINK HE DESERVES? He seserves a hole in the ground with out a cot or ladder. Send him to one of the most horrble prisons in the world. AT THE SAME TIME SEND AMERICANS THAT WANT SOCAILISM TO N KOREA.

  2. I got sentenced to years in the county jail for violation of probation for misuse of 911 Collier County Florida I give the shirt off my back to people I have spent over $25,000 people who don't give a s*** about me and provided them with a home these c******** get 8 years for heinous murder

  3. Now I know where the term, "getting off Scott free," comes from. If we had that little time for murder here in the USA, I think a lot more people would murder because 8yrs isn't terribly long…. A lot more pedophiles would be killed because 8yrs would be "worth it."
    People with minor pot possession charges get more than 8yrs sometimes…

  4. They’re housing super max, extremely violent criminals in places that have weapons like pool sticks and pool balls to the inmates?! How has something not happened yet

  5. I believe that Scotland is doing it right, Num1. Seems like their system are not bullies like in the US. Num2. Everyone deserves a second chance no matter what. Give people a sentence then let them out. Yes, they're doing it right. They do not abuse their power that's cool. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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