March 4, 2021


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Beirut, Single Use Plastic, Mentors, City Flight + More | AMA Rich Roll Podcast

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39 thoughts on “Beirut, Single Use Plastic, Mentors, City Flight + More | AMA Rich Roll Podcast

  1. Thanks for a great podcast, and please look at for more info on how to get plastic out of our lives. They do a "Brand Audit" every year, starting in Sept, to determine which companies are putting the most single-use plastic out into the world. This is a worldwide volunteer effort, and, Rich, it sounds like what you are doing in your own life right now. Also, to everyone, check out the movie "The Story of Plastic", by the folks at The Story of Stuff.

  2. I wish you still did day in the life videos or at least maybe a day if eating or a vegan update of some kind. I’m not vegan myself but every time someone says it doesn’t work I always refute with “ but rich roll”, but that really seem tone your MO anymore?

  3. Regarding the tofu/tempeh packaging conundrum, request that your local market (Erewhon, I'm guessing) begin carrying tofu/tempeh in bulk (the tofu/tempeh sits in large bins in a refrigerator case, you bring your own container.) Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco offers this and it's game changing (though you may have to wait until Covid is over.)

  4. Here is a link to the article about how microplastics are being found in the edible portions of our fruits and vegetables. Given my physiology background, I am going to guess that microplastic inside our own bodies will wreak havoc on our own micro-physiological processes. Plastic clogging the microfiltration of our kidneys, for example, could be deadly as could plastic clogging our endotheliums and intestinal tracts. I hope everyone takes RR's 30day plastic moratorium seriously. Time to wake up!,into%20the%20parts%20we%20eat.&text=Those%20microplastics%20can%20then%20travel,edible%20parts%20of%20the%20crop.

  5. Plastic: Microplastic particles are becoming a real problem. Most people now know that microplastic is being found in rain in pristine wilderness areas of the world. And what's worse, microplastic particles are now being found inside the growth structures of plants. YES!! Plants are now absorbing microplastic while growing. This is preliminary information and more research needs to be done. But this has HUGE health implications.
    When grocery shopping, bring along some newspaper inside of your canvas bags. Instead of using those flimsy plastic bags that we put heads of lettuce, cucumbers,and tomatoes in, wrap up your wet or groups of veggies in a sheet of newspaper. Then, when you get home, use the sheets of newspaper to line your compost tub in your kitchen if you have one. It can go into your backyard composter if you have one.
    Tell Amazon to stop shipping everything in plasticized bubblewrap – single use and then throw away. Despicable!!!
    Thanks RR for bringing this important topic to the forefront.

  6. In Colorado, we've voted by mail for years and years. Some statistics: of more than 3 million ballots, there were 142 frauds. This is a fraud percentage of 0.004%. Any bank would love to have that low of a fraud "problem". When you vote by mail, your ballot is registered at your county seat as having voted when they receive and record your ballot. This occurs whether you vote by mail or vote in person. So if you attempt to vote again, you will be caught. This is what makes it so difficult to fraudulently vote. If you just send in ballots the county will see that there is no corresponding registration to check it against. Plus the ballots are made in a certain manner – like paper money is – that has authentication markers in it.
    Also! – don't forget that you do not have to return your mailed ballot by mail. You can drop it off at your county seat. If you have requested a mail-in ballot and do not receive it in time, you can vote in person in early voting or on election day. Your vote gets recorded by your county either way and only one vote will count. It's basically fool proof. Don't let our president (small 'p') intimidate you from voting.

    As a vegan I wish I could grow my own vegetables but I live in an apartment. I hate the idea of all the plastic bags that hold my produce going into the landfills and the ocean. I've started washing, drying, and cutting these bags into strips and stuffing pillows with them. I know it's not ideal but it's a start. I sell pillows, "unstuffed", so people can recycle their single-use plastic bags too

  8. Thanks for the great podcasts, guys!! Love hearing how you both progress in your workouts and lifestyles. Some stores sell tofu in jars! And you could potentially find it at Asian supermarkets where you can buy without the plastic. There are possiblities, it becomes a little more complex, but today possible with some research. I'm working on this too.
    Bea Johnson is the other woman you were mentioning.
    Take care!!

  9. glad to hear you're doing the 30 day plastic free challenge; l'm not on instagram but will follow your progress when you mention it here ; i've done this challenge several times and it really opened up my eyes

  10. Thank you! Great listen! Yes, Bea is Important!!! Bea Johnson is a Franco-American author, speaker and minimalist known for initiating the movement of waste-free living in the 21st century.

  11. They are talking about Zone 2 and MAF, but from my understanding these are two different things, aren’t they?
    For me Zone 2 training is roughly 10-15 beats lower than my MAF value?
    Can someone help me understand if they are actually referring to MAF when saying Zone 2 or do they really talking about Zone 2?

  12. I’m sad to see that you are now doing endorsements. I know everyone has to make money but it sounded so unnatural and forced when I am use to feeling like you are so genuine.

  13. YES! COME ON RICH! KEEP UP THE WEIGHTS! this is going to be so good for your ligaments, tendons, strength or power (depending on technique) and your longevity in general… so excited for this beginners mind journey … OMG SO AWESOME.

  14. @sustainably_vegan and @shelbizleee are two of my favorite low waste people on YouTube/ Instagram, they are also both vegan/ plant based unlike Lauren and Bea. Their approach is also way less intimidating and realistic for the world that we live in. I highly suggest checking them out for anyone needing tips/ inspiration.

  15. Hi guys during these tough times are are struggling with our personal emotional life, as an Army Vet., I had my fair share of dealing with emotions during this hard times, many of you have become and or will become depressed emotionally. Many of hide it well, Im here for you, in my channel i have content that can help you become aware of it and deal with it without having to inform the world about. Stop by my channel subscribe and help yourself maybe soon one you know that needs it.. blessings to you

  16. Rich! Thank you so much for raising awareness on Beirut and the terrible trajedy that took place on August 4th. Also, thanks for sharing your experience of visiting Beirut and mentioning the welcoming culture, friendliness, and rich heritage in Lebanon. Unfortunately, the region is almost always portrayed as a dark conflict zone where death and destruction happen on a regular basis. I was not able to find the links for donation in the Youtube description or in the notes link… Am I missing something?

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