February 26, 2021


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38 thoughts on “Ben Swann DESTROYS NYT Claim that Terrorists are Turning to BITCOIN

  1. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do Ben! My intrigue for you started back in the good ol RP rEVOLution days and I'll forever more have your back for the way you stood and continue to stand for liberty above all else! Your not alone in your battles brother from speaking out against the man, please keep on fighting, your a massive inspiration of mine! Keep calling it like it is and phuck all sellouts and takers of the deal with the devil, nothing's greater than standing for basic God given rights.

  2. Bitcoin is part of the plan. If it was that much of a danger to them they'd outlaw it and wipe it out.

    Never ever underestimate them. They are led by highly intelligent evil.
    If self-proclaimed 'conservatives' and 'libertarians' don't understand the evil they face by now and what must be done about it, NOW, then the empire is indeed in a tailspin and there's no saving it.
    Our Bill of Rights, the basis of ALL our 'law,' is ignored on a daily basis in thousands of ways. We lost the 'rule of law' long ago.
    The only question that matters is 'Where are the men to do what must be done when they say "Turn them in?" If we're not prepared for the worst case scenario we're still losing. Lawsuits and trivial political details will mean nothing at that point.
    A precursor to Hell on Earth: http://www.freekentucky.com/a-precursor-to-hell-on-earth/

  3. Just a footnote…
    Hamas is not a terrorist organisation in the eyes of most of the world, the US yes but they considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist as well…
    Hamas is in a very similar situation to Hezbollah, legitimate political actors with military components.

  4. It should be noted that while Hamas is labeled "terrorists" they are not the Sunni extremists that the U.S. has problems with like ISIS and Al-Qaiada. They are basically just a check on Israeli aggression

  5. I think that there is a 100% chance that Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, is either already controlled, or at some point will be controlled, by the same people who already control the banking cartel (i.e. the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc.).

  6. Is Hamas a terrorist group? If you lived in New York State in 1948, for example, and a group of people—who claimed to be descended from some ancient Native American Indian tribe who had allegedly lived there over 2,000 years ago—claimed they were coming home (even though you had later discovered they had no genetic relation to said tribe), and turned you and other New York residents out of their homes at gunpoint (merely quoting some ancient biblical text), and forced you to become stateless (roaming homeless around Canada or Mexico, for example), and you fought back to take back your home which had been in the families of your people for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years, would you be considered a terrorist???

  7. The right wing Islamist and destroying our liberties and helping the government narrative !
    Imagine if there was no Islamic ideology, nobody will find a reason to spy on the citizens !

  8. Hamas has less Bitcoin than anybody that has one Bitcoin according to this guy. That is laughable…And I don’t know which is funnier that Hamas only has $10k in bitcoin or that Ben Swann is reporting that they do and believes it.

  9. Deeeeeeep over the wall! You knocked it out of the park once again Ben…..Homerun! …..Way to stop that negative Bitcoin narrative push. Bitcoin GIVES CONTROL BACK TO THE PEOPLE!

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