October 23, 2021


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Bernard-Henri Lévy: The last liberal interventionist?

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42 thoughts on “Bernard-Henri Lévy: The last liberal interventionist?

  1. My heavens Freddie has become a good interviewer since the early Lockdown TV episodes. Strange how Covid has taken much with one hand, but given back with the other. I learned how to be alone (rather than lonely).

  2. The US population turned against interventionism because they got sick and tired of seeing their sons, dads, husbands, nephews, etc. coming home in body bags or broken in hospitals from foreign adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars had become less and less popular in the past years, Biden's disastrous pullout cemented that feeling, it was the final nail in the coffin in the idea that the US should police the world. It's sad that Nigerian Muslims are executing Nigerian Christians but Nigeria is not in the US, we have enough problems at home, let the African countries deal with this African horror.

  3. I'm an enormous fan of Freddie Sayers and of the conversations that he has enabled over the last 18 months. If I have one comment on his approach as an interviewer, it is that he tends to lead his interlocutors ever so slightly, with "Don't you think ….?" prefacing many of his questions. This invites a dualistic response. Perhaps slightly more open-ended would generate even better conversations.

  4. If US had stayed and broke deal. Taliban would have attacked and US would have to send in tens of thousands more. a trillion more down the drain for a corrupt Afghan fake government

  5. As the international media has covered, in disbelief, what is happening in Australia, I have some good news from our big brown land.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel, at least in the State of New South Wales. Australia is a federation, and we now have a new Premier in NSW.

    Premier Dominic Perrottet is getting New South Wales back up and running. Americans may be seeing crazy news footage from Melbourne. That state, Victoria, is run by a total madman. He even signed I secret deal with China, in realation to China's Belt and Road Initiative. I'm really not making that up.

    Here is our new Premier in action. If he was born in America, he would be President already.

    ‘We’re the elected officials’: Perrottet defends Chant’s absence from media conference

    NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet insists he and Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant have a great working relationship and that she endorses his roadmap changes – despite her noticed absence from a media conference on Thursday.

    It comes as Mr Perrottet announced a raft of changes to the NSW roadmap at a media conference on Thursday.

    In a robust exchange – Mr Perrottet made it clear to journalists, as the new premier his style and approach will be different – most notably in his decision to scrap the daily 11am COVID press conference for an online update at 9am


  6. So on the one hand we see the utter contempt for those who see sovereignty – personal and national – as a value worth defending; and on the other hand some serious reflections on the attacks against Western culture and values.
    This fellow has some unresolved issues.

  7. Dear Freddie, you talk to a wide range of people; BHL, Jay Bhattacharya, Lord Sumption, Rupert Sheldrake to name a few. They are all fascinating. Thank you. Best wishes, John. PS Vincent Racaniello of TWiV [This Week in Virology] would be an interesting guest.

  8. France is most willing to intervene in Mali to defend the economic interests of French corporations and French banks. It is less willing to intervene to defend the liberal values that define the meaning of 'France'. Why is this Bernard?

  9. Levy names European liberal democracies, France, Britain, et.c., but does not reference Brussels and the EU. Is he content with the quasi democratic behaviour of Brussels or does he foresee a need to reform it? It promotes liberal values but does it act liberal values?

  10. He speaks out of ‘both sides of his mouth’. He escapes lockdowns out of personal liberty but wants to deny others liberty in other matters of personal conscience.

  11. For a good five decades the West’s mission to bring peace, human rights, democracy and feminism, to the rest of the globe has succeeded, chiefly, in our being midwife to China become the world’s new hyper-power.

    This gentleman is in the wrong century: The Twentieth has been over for more than two decades! It’s like being De Gaulle, all while trying to make sense, in conversation, of Bismarck. The difference in time depth is just so stark it’s like the fellow’s in a different planet.

  12. Well the war was a disaster for the Afghanis , why not just wait & see what they make of their country now the foreign troops have left , not forgetting of course , that the war was a defeat for the USA & it’s allies , another disaster for them , in the Middle East .

  13. I don't agree with his views, but there is a great deal of truth in some of them.

    I disagree about the grandeur of England or France or the EU, or even the US. We are not grand, and we always need to watch out and stay humble, so that we don't become the dragons we fight. I have no love for EU. And the way to defeat Le Pen is to end the monstrous levels of immigration that are destroying the countries.

    We (the West) are not strong. We are very weak, particularly when it comes to moral fiber and basic sanity. We cannot be everywhere. We didn't promise anything to Nigeria, so it's a different case. But we did promise to Afghanistan, and we betrayed it. Like we betrayed so many people before it.

    The cost of that betrayal is yet to hit us. Something will attack, like on 9/11, and again we'll be running around, wondering how that was allowed to happen. And again we will promise and promise and promise. And again we'll gather our troops and send them somewhere, only to start wondering a few months or years later what are they doing there. And again betray and go back on all the stuff we promised. The whole cycle will start all over again.

    We will never learn.

  14. As someone from Bosnia… The pronlem is not that the ppl out there don't want democracy, the problem is that the west has no clue how to build a nation. And this is not surprising, as it's premisses are totally wrong. The main idea of the west is that national sentiment didn't exists before the french revolution. National sentiment is supposed to be nothing but idealism you can simply implement in ppl, thus you can draw borders however you want. This is ridiculous. It enough to look towards Eastern Europe, and the founding times of their national orthodox chtuches to see that the west idea of national awakening is bs. It is enough to look at all the wests failed democracy projects to see that idea that you can draw borders however you want and expect ppl to throw away their history and authentic culture to become /melt into this new thing is also bs.
    Also the west has a lot of imperialistic attitudes towards thise new "democracys". Just have a look at how the EU is treating Poland and Hungary. If these are soverign democratic states, than their ppl can shape their law however they want. The EU has no say in what they should do, and what they should leave. The "demoracy" the west is implementing can therefore hardly call itself democracy.

  15. Reason Afghan gov collapses is due to DNC making a deal with Taliban, and china.. They did the same with N Vietnam. The same people even University, democrats, military (kerry).

    It is all about democrats getting money

  16. Covid_vaccine is an obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate.

    Covid 19 is cumulative and permanently stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to replicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated. Peoples will die in covid one day when the immunity system become weak.

  17. BHL had the best line about covid: “The spectacle of world leaders so terrified by the threat of a corona Nuremberg that they deemed it more prudent to put the world on hold, caring little for the outbreaks of hunger, violence against the poor".

  18. SORRY, please excuse my constructive critic on the Studio Lighting:
    I really hope this will be a one time exception and will improve in the next episodes.
    This type of basic and harsh lighting is very irritating, regardless of how great the content is.

  19. As a libertarian I'm not much a fan of "democracy". Of course I'm for the very unpopular open borders, so I favor letting oppressed people come to American, but I don't favor involuntarily-financed welfare. (Taxation is theft.) I do think welfare can be voluntarily financed and that helping people get on their feet is a good thing. But I also think it's better for oppressed peoples to fix their own problems, and I think they're in a better position to, as they know their national cultures better than foreign do-gooders do. I think Monsieur Levy is typically moralistic and blind to his own chauvinism.

  20. Ok now I know the most prominent French philosopher of today doesn’t make any sense, he’s totally stuck in the triumphant Fukuyama-style 90s. Anyway whoever is saying “fascism” in vain cannot be taken seriously

  21. BHL is an arrogant parisian elitist. While The French people were losing jobs and livelihood, he "traveled" and wrote A book on his "reportages". what A joke. He is not interested in helping the people of Nigeria or anywhere else. His diplomacy is to pillage the ressources because we all know the democrats are the Globalists and they just want more. Freddie, for once, I appreciate your attempt to counter him…but I would have eaten his face as A good french woman I am. IL EST PUANT. He is disgusting in all his arrogance of superiority. He is part of the depraved liberals and stirs no interest of culture nor politic and certainly not wordliness. He is drowning in his privilege and could never relate to the people by "traveling" and doing "reportage". Gosh the gall. It's almost hilarious when he speaks of narcissism and does not include himself as one. Delusional. He never worked hard A day in his life. and of course, let's continue defending the destructive left and not take responsibility as well as including the right for judgment. BHL is clearly A NWO believer because he will benefit. Freddie, you are missing the opportunity to call him on his arrogance when he call thos who protest stupid while he clearly states he CAN NOT be locked down and he has the means and the connections to go over these measures. What A piece of shit. I hope karma gets him fast and furious. I don't know why I listen to these interviews….it is self serving and not enlightening. And yes MACRON is A disaster and needs to be thrown OUT

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