June 14, 2021


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Best Self-Treatment for A Groin Pull. Stretches, Exercises, & Massage (Updated)

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50 thoughts on “Best Self-Treatment for A Groin Pull. Stretches, Exercises, & Massage (Updated)

  1. Love these lads funny out and go through everything thoroughly. If any 1 can help id love a standing groin stretch.i do a lot of driveing but get out and stretch a few times in the day to keep loose.any help appricated

  2. Great video Bob & Brad. I definitely pulled my adductor groin muscle/s when I squatted then lifted a very heavy box onto a shelf.i I'm interested to hear what you think I could do for my pain and recovery if the pain extends from that groin muscle into my lower back then down into my glutes. Do you see lower back strains or pain with adductor groin strains? Thank you.

  3. hi bob and brad, is there any benefit of doing some eccentric type exercise on a adductor machine in the gym (on low weight and a long and slow eccentric phase)? thinking late stage recovery. Thanks

  4. I had burning pain in my right groin near my penis and also in my hipbone I'm a runner plus ido planks and pushups every day I had a cpps chronic pelvic pain/chronic prostatitis can I continue my exercises?

  5. The doctor said he thinks I pulled my hamstring but I'm sure it's my groin muscle and I'm sure I have slight tears because I did it about 5 days ago and the pain is still terrible!!

  6. I am having groin pain now…..every time I injure my groin it would usually recover within a month….but this time it's more than two months and the pain isn't gone…..what should I do??

  7. I thought I might have a groin pull, but I don’t know. I’m thinking hip flexor or something else. I tried this type of exercises a few days ago and made it worse. Going to dr. Thursday. Dang! I see physical therapy in my future!

  8. I did some chin-ups with 50kg and because I pressed my thigs too much on the weight now I have a groin strain on my right leg and I came to Bob and Brad, the best guys I can ask for a right treatment!

  9. Bob&Brad thank you guys so much had my groin pain for few weeks now and it was so frustrating, decided to try you guys strengthening exercise and OH MY felt instant relief thank you guys CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK ON THE PATCH

  10. I always recommend you guys to EVERYONE when they sound like they may need your help as youve helped so much with my Sciatica. Thanks! Please keep doing what you're doing. Such a blessing.

  11. Thank you for all you videos, I've learned so much from you guys, now I am doing self therapy on my groin pull. How long should I wait before I start doing strengthening exercises after a minor groin pull?

  12. Thank you, Bob and Brad. You are the best physical therapist on the internet, in my opinion too. You've healed my extra navicular pain and now healing my abductor. You're the best!!!!

  13. Super helpful! Definitely pulled or tore my groin playing soccer and haven't done anything to rehab it. Thanks for the helpful tips Bob & Brad 😀 I have a bag of frozen corn chilling on my groin in my pants right now. Feels quite nice.

  14. I've had this injury for about 15 years, maybe more, and didn't know it…. I'm doing therapies that include your exercises and I'm hopeful to finally get rid of this pain…

  15. I'm pretty sure I strained my adductur magnus by overusing it.. I haven't been able to walk or limp painfree and I haven't been able to see a doctor yet, so I'll try these in the future. Hope I will recover soon, it's really depressing to not even be able to walk because I am a very active person who loves the mental benefits of running and cardio exercises :/

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