October 23, 2021


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Biden Dismisses TERRIBLE Jobs Report; Says MORE $$ Will Fix It | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 775

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46 thoughts on “Biden Dismisses TERRIBLE Jobs Report; Says MORE $$ Will Fix It | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 775

  1. What the Democrats finally realized if there’s nobody working they’re not gonna get any income tax they finally realize that How stupid are Democrats

  2. Yaku your explaining of our system in Canada is just pure WRONG! yes, do you have the outliers. YES, do you have doctors that feel they don't care. YES, but overall its a better system, overall people are not put into insane debt for health reasons AND the country is better off. You ignore all the good stuff and criticize the extremes which shows you are just not willing to look into it further.

  3. in my country of Canada it works…for you Americans to deny this system we have just so you can protect your for insane profit drug and medical industry…is immoral and self destructive.

  4. My one client was an RN she was in NY went on unemployment… Moved to Florida while on unemployment…. She runs out this month I believe… But she made about $20000 more with unemployment… Her words.

  5. I'm a massage therapist in FL…. 2 of the girls I worked with. Never came back. They got unemployment and everything… I didn't even bother because it was a nightmare. Been working the whole freaking time. These people are leeches! I'm sick of it! They use covid convenience…" Im scared… I don't want to touch people" 🤦‍♀️ I am slammed with work. I got a waiting list and booked out for 6 weeks! Good for me but this world is ruined.

  6. I love Sara and all her guest especially Eric July and Yako! They are always 1000% spot on correct. It amazes me that there are people that are so economically ignorant to think throwing money at this problem is the answer, "oh people dont want to work ok lets pay them to stay home, WAIT WHY DID THE JOBS NUMBER FALL 3/4 MILLION SHORT?!"

  7. Every conservative city WATCH OUT!! I think BLM and Antifa are trying to bait conservatives into violence! Keep your heads on a swivel and plan for alternate routes to safety! If we stand together we will NOT be outnumbered. Make no mistake they will bait to take your guns, rights, and the left desperately wants a RACE WAR– just be careful!🙏

  8. I was watching NTD news and found out that the u.s. ports have a big problem what the downloading of containers of the container ships there are container ships still sitting offshore waiting to get unloaded but yet everything is coming to a halt because there's not enough Dock Workers and the trucking company they talked to the president of the trucking company and he says that well I've got people only working two days a week and then going home and drawing their unemployment checks I can get more money

  9. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC and "The Squad", Dr. Fauci and the CDC, Guilty Caucasian Liberal/Progressive Racists, Useless Republicans, Communist Professors and Academia, Teacher's Unions, "The View", CNN and the MSM, Steven A Smith and ESPN, LeBron James, Hollywood, BLM/Antifa, Race Hustlers in the Black Community, the Alphabet Mafia and "Wokesters"………
    Not a big fan

  10. I've had some time for a bit of self-reflection, and I've come to this conclusion…it's the Guilty Caucasian (Liberals) (Progressives) that are the source of most of the problems with society, and that stems from the Bigotry of low expectations that the Left employs against people and communities of Color

  11. "Not being adequately safe guarded"…You walnuts want drop boxes and we have dozens and dozens of videos of you hiding and kicking people out so you could try and count in secret. Look I get modern democrats are largely evil idiots but damn, this is a bit much.

  12. Remember obama claimed during his 1st run that he would return the jobs that were lost by the end of his 1st year. 8years later, it never improved.
    Why? Because the Democrats are purposely trying to destroy America to usher in globalization or one world Gov't.
    The pope was quoted recently saying: its time for the one world Gov't.
    Which by the way is a biblical prophecy waiting to be fulfilled.
    All who choose the side of the NWO, are not of God.
    Wake up people, time 8s drawing to the end

  13. Poverty gets larger because of this & no one realizes it's because of the government. People get mad because they have to go to work to get out of poverty. Flip to having to pay higher taxes so it just keeps them poor. Insane circle.

  14. Can't be surprised. Biden surrounds himself with leftists that believe in unproven socialist theories, and big business that looks out for their own bottom line and not for the American people.

  15. I'm one sitting on my couch since Nov. 2020. My former employer offered me a severance package that goes away if I go back to work. My industry is still shut down (corporate restaurants) I am told that I may go back to my job in Sept? You are right about how it changes your work ethic just sitting around doing nothing. It's hard to get out of bed most days. I won't even look for a job until I don't have to wear a mask all day. For more than one reason I just can't stand them.

  16. 29:00 calm down and take a deep breath before you say or believe such a stupid thing ….. the criminal , prisoner , inmate or whatever you want to call him/her could actually be guilty of murder , be a serial killer or many other crimes that involve ended one or more lives and possibly be guilty on multiple accounts ….. so the death penalty in the guess could be justified , debated , warranted or dare I say deserved . . . . So what about a baby ? if it takes you longer than few minutes to think about this your doing it wrong . This has nothing to do with what the baby did wrong and baby murder is not the only solution here .

    Nobody is forcing you to have sex / make babies …. let me be clear…. I am not talking about rape … .. we could be doing something about adoption agencies , foster homes and you could even get a surgery …… but this isn't about reproductive health and family planning ….. you had sex one day and you don't want to be a mommy yet …..

  17. The difference between the death penalty & abortion is one is the justified killing of a convicted monster and the other is the murder of innocent life by the way of convenience.
    AOC aka All Out Crazy is nothing but a social media actress, she has no principles and an ego that would make Hitler blush.

  18. The perfect example of the definition of insanity. Coming from a man who believes he won more votes than any president in history and never campaigned, when he did no one showed up to his rally’s, and can’t walk a straight line.

  19. I am not sad about CNN they got what they want its just too bad they could not even open up there very own eyes deep down inside on Hunter Biden because President Trump had information on what both him and his father has all done so like the 1980s song called Safety Dance because The Democrats danced when they want to LOL

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