May 14, 2021


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Biden & Friends Disrespect Our Troops, Trump Puts Hat Back On (K-von asks, "See the difference?")

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47 thoughts on “Biden & Friends Disrespect Our Troops, Trump Puts Hat Back On (K-von asks, "See the difference?")

  1. Hmmmm, heres the small teir list. (You can say what ever president should join them) S= George, Abraham A= RR, Calvin Coolidge, B= Theodore Roosevelt, Donald Trump (For the sake of balancing the two sides, he was very blunt and whenever he answers he kinda goes on, policy wise he wouldve been an A) C= JFK ( he kinda didnt have a chance to do much) D= LBJ FDR(Because he was a little divisive, he kinda considered any who oppose him a traitor lack of a better word for traitor. Kinda put some folks in camps, wasnt entirely not racist, He did helo out with WW2) F= Woodrow wilson( Didnt do shit, extremely racist, the worst policies)

  2. Trump disrespects everyone n I heard no complaints from you So stop attacking Joe. You prejudiced big mouth. You’re nasty n bring out the worst in me. Go f yourself I can’t be manipulated by jerks like you.

  3. Joe is the Original Author of "THE ALMANAC OF LIES"

  4. Revelation 18 to 22 against the NWO George Sorros The Drug Cartels and Ms-13 and Big Tech and The Fake News Media Networks CBS NBC MSNBC ABC PBS and CNN
    And The Stupid 🤡 libtards Trolls being paid by Big Tech Richard Strendi Don't Call Me Shirley and Doug and Chrysalis X a d and
    The Government of Iran and China Doctor Facci Bill Gates and Hunter Biden and
    Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and The Criminals Democrats and some Republican like Mitt Romeny and Elizabeth Cheany the Phoney BLM and Antifa and
    Obama Susan Rice and Crooked Hillary Killary Clinton
    The Blood of Jesus Christ is Against Them
    Amen Hallijia

  5. Drain the Swamp When The Swamp cones along You must Whip iit Whip iit Good!!!!!
    Whip iit Good America 🇺🇸 USA !!!!!!!?
    Whip iit Good Oh Planet Earth 🌎🌏🌍 Amen Hallijia

  6. On Rudy's Gullani videos we have these Libtards Trolls being paid by Big Tech Richard Strendi Don't Call Me Shirley and Doug and Chrysalis X all needs to be Committed permanently Amen Hallijia 🇺🇸 USA

  7. These comments and these videos are a clear example of a serious problem in America. People on both sides of the aisle seeking out affirmation of their beliefs irregardless of reality or how much mental gymnastics are needed to make it plausible. Throw in some whataboutism n they actually believe this nonsense. Then hacks like this gut make videos knowing your all weak minded n he feeds you the lies n distortions and you eat it up while he profits from your ignorance. People are attacking biden for lying and saying atleast with trump you knew he was telling the truth…….he responded to me saying I was a beta lmao and you can tell who loved the troops. He faked an injury to avoid service. How ANYONE overlooks that really speaks volumes to how we have changed as a nation but then he insulted a gold star family insulted a POW for being a POW I mean these aren't opinions , no history rewrite needed. This is all factual and the argument is he loved the troops? But Biden doesn't because he what didn't pickup a hat? If you could only imagine how painful it is to recognize you morons as fellow Americans lining up to lick the boots of a false God while attacking our president because he's not our false God. I personally think 99 pct of them are liars n cheats but unlike you cultists brainwashed pathetic boot lickers I see the truth. I have the ability to see Trump when he does good as well as bad . Same with Biden. If you can't praise Biden for some of the great things he has done so far in a few months or cant point out any one of the hundreds of things Trump did wrong you don't have an actual opinion. Your just a lapdog fetching a ball and riding your dopamine rush over thus mornings outrage.

  8. President Trump is The Real President
    But the Election was stolen from him and America but he will return in 2024 to win because the Crooked Voting Machines Dominion will not be used Amen Hallijia 🇺🇸

  9. Biden caught in a lie????..
    Imagine that!..
    I'm still waiting to hear anyone that actually voted for the man to say ONE GOOD THING he has done since stealing office from PRESIDENT Trump!

  10. Brain washed conservatives…Ronald Reagan has been tossing and turning in his grave ever since Trump became president and all his supporters made it possible for him to change the way other countries feel about us..china and Russia liked him too! They liked watching our country fail in many ways,it's a joke to them..get it my friend…open your eyes!

  11. I love That Great DEVO Classic Future Rock song Secret Agent Man 1979 From The Album Duty Now For The Future
    I Salute The Flag and say Thank You Jesus I'm a Secret Agent Man !!🇺🇸

  12. I have a sister who is in a facility for dementia and I can see Biden is getting to that point. Why didn’t his wife step in and prevent this abuse of an obviously pitiful person

  13. This site is getting desperate for anything negative to publish about Biden yet it turned a blind eye or legitimized and enabled Trump's lies and childish behavior

  14. Is that the shot where Obama ignores the guard but moments later comes down the helicopter steps to apologise. Of course I didn't see that bit then. It must've accidentally been edited out of course. Easy mistake to make. Wouldn't change the narrative in any way whatsoever.

  15. Anyone surprised?Anyone on the right anyway? (BTW, how can the left STILL think Orange Man Bad and Biden is God?)
    It's like they all believe the earth is flat…
    Oh, right…

  16. Some people are so fucking stupid.
    Believing somehow Biden is disrespectful toward the military while the scumbag insurrectionist loves the military more than anybody else in the world..never underestimate the stupidity of Drumpftards.

  17. The Biden’s and O’bamas have nothing but contempt for the American People. Somewhere they got the unbelievable idea that the have class. THEY DO NOT. They are about the lowest class on earth. So very sorry they have anything to do with America.

  18. Dam, Biden is like a two year old child. Can hardly understand him and he's always telling off the wall stories. Does he even know the internet exist and everyone can easily look up his stupid fairy tales? Come-on man

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