May 14, 2021


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Biden Invites China Into US Energy Sector

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38 thoughts on “Biden Invites China Into US Energy Sector

  1. Of course biden wants to chum up to xi. He needs him to help con his way thru the next 2024, and put a good word in fir him with rhe UN and its various bodies, WTO, WHO etc. Brown-nosing. After nearly half a century in the game, biden is an expert at brown nosing.

  2. What will Biden do next, sell the rest of America’s uranium to China, like the Clintons sold one third of its entire stock to Russia. America will get what it deserves, by allowing this crook in office. The USA is turning out to be the worlds worst failure, and they deserve it.

  3. What about the “5 Eyes” alliance; it’s not just America at risk, Biden, your Chinese affiliations are risking all of the West. How dare you. We understand you owe China – we don’t

  4. Well, if hunter wasnt together with his dead brothers wife, old joe would probably marry him off to the young, single daughter of some "high level ccp politician" … 😉😉😉😉

  5. Hiya Mahyar,
    with the way things are developing in our so called democratic continents, do you think you might start up on TELEGRAM at some point ? Just joined your channel. Thank you for saying what you say!

  6. Although there were many things wrong with Donald Trumps tenure he did a lot to put America on the right path
    In comparison to what we have seen so far he was far ahead in vision trying to make America great again
    The Democrats have sold their soul to the politics of a third world country
    Already actions have been taken which will set America in a downward direction
    The source of a country’s wealth is through a successful and competitive industrial base with a creative atmosphere
    New actions have to be paid for by this industrial strength or by higher taxes which is the slippery slope of uncompetitive concerns
    The cost of placating minority factions unfairly against the majority is a dangerous situation

  7. I'm not worried about America, they are as patriotic and proud as Great Britain and it won't be long til Joe Biden does something that will make the American people stand up and fight against this foreign invasion.

  8. Beijing ByeDen, will be the downfall of the world, prepare for WW3 with China let loose! I think their current moves make it obvious he is in their pocket! DAy one he stopped anything that was bad for China in the US. What a twat. The US infrastructure will be under serious threat the longer he's in power. i bet there are so many Americans now who realise, they messed up!

  9. There’s more of a reason to impeach biden than there ever was against president trump as there actually is stuff against biden and I think he will be impeached but that’s only my opinion.

  10. The same tactics that was to become the EU used against Britain from 1995 until today where the results of this was a tighter controls and intergration to the EU block from amassing one infrastructure and another where energy in mordern economies is always at the center of it all. In a recent memoire someone wrote when re-read it sounds like this pattern was realised and their last act of falling on the sword for the country, a sacrifice was to give the British people a referendum. As brave that this was at the time this man is still ridiculed for molasting a even-toed member of the genus Sus. The same was recently twarted when it was dicovered that China was coming after British communication infrastructure through the German's Telekom via Vodafone and their 5g infrastructure deal including Chinese gears was ripped out of the grid, for now…

  11. Half of lorries 'return to Europe EMPTY': Trucks sent to Britain return to EU without goods over post-Brexit export fears as UK firms are 'told to set up hubs across the Channel' to help avoid disruption

  12. He is well happy with that He will get billions of dollars for him and his family at the cost of Trillions to the American people i see Civil war on the way

  13. Now Biden and his cronies are just reversing Trump's EOs because of hate and feelings, nothing else now. Not even politics, just out of pure hatred for being outed as the scam and cons they are, not forgetting how luntic they are. It's all about feelings.

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