September 25, 2021


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Biden Plagiarizing & Stealing Jokes? (comedian K-von exposes the phony)

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39 thoughts on “Biden Plagiarizing & Stealing Jokes? (comedian K-von exposes the phony)

  1. The academy probably mentioned this Regan joke in class because they sttill teach real history unlike woke colledges who only tell the evils of the past and the glories of communist movements that murdered millions.

  2. "Decency????" Right, how do you factor in abortions without limits and the 'alternative lifestyle' trash, especially when it's being used to target children, and come up with "decency"?????
    I cannot believe the MSM and the left Really think we're that stupid!!!

  3. 1:01 There can be no more a perfect example of the fact that decent people know that he is illegitimate, and that they hate him, than that moment right there. And he shows his true self, his angered, bully response. Surprised he didn't pull a Jeb Bush, and beg, "Please clap!".

  4. A man should get a grade school then a high school education BEFORE becoming the first man in the family to go to college! And you don’t need a college education to see Sleepy Joe is a goof!

  5. Check the videos. He stole speeches. Over and over. Liberals have the memory of fish.
    O nice you showed it. Now do a video with all his racism back to back. The N word over and over.

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