October 17, 2021


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Biden's Big Speech: The Glenn Beck & Mark Levin Rebuttal | Ep 104

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38 thoughts on “Biden's Big Speech: The Glenn Beck & Mark Levin Rebuttal | Ep 104

  1. This is about as appealing as pixelated bukakki and NanXi Peloxi is at the center of it. These criminals deserve the death penalty after conviction for treason.

  2. That dude could not open his yap for longer than it takes to draw a breath and already lied more than most politicians lie in a month… He will soon get the chance to run for the podfather in his next place of residence… Then …?

  3. Today (5/3) I got a letter from the White House informing me that they are going to deposit $4,200 into my bank account in the next week. WHAT? Handing out more money?

  4. It’s sad that the president of this country has no idea what WE THE PEOPLE is supposed to mean and who it represents. Our founders wanted the government to work for the people and fear the people. Not the people fear the government. He is a stooge and a mouth piece for whoever is pulling his strings. I don’t know if Obama is even this crazy and stupid. But the people in that chamber are the biggest criminals and the most corrupt people in this world. They all need to be put on trial for breaking their oath to the constitution.

  5. OK think about it. Supposedly 84 million people voted for this man but only 11 million people were even interested enough to watched his speech. Trumps first speech… 48 million people watched it, that happens to be almost 4 1/2 times more people watch Trump than Biden. But he managed to get 84 million votes. Oh yes I forgot, dead people can’t watch TV.

  6. So this is how they are selling it- the first black female dictator. Thanks to all the rich, white, guilt-ridden liberals out there who need to stand up but will fail to do so, America's fate is nearly sealed.

  7. A house full of treasonous unlawfulness corrupted criminal's politicians TRADER'S puppet's of the KKK supremest Nazis Elite's socialism Communist regime that have declared war against the American people's they are using the script from the Hitler's playbook as they did in the Holocaust against the Jewish people's it's history being repeated again Now it's against Our Country the American people's Everything this Man is saying are nothing but broken promise's and lie's nothing he said hasn't been done all they have caused is chaos unlawfulness riot's havoc racism and destroying our economy and destroying Our way of life and taking away Our FREEDOM and Our constitutional rights and taking away Our FREEDOM of speech and banning our Police for the American people's safety against their terrorists tyrannical socialist extremist group's BLM and ANtifah that are destroying our cities of course he didn't mention anything about. What's coming out of his mouth is bullshit and lie's they hate Freedom and Truth Liars Liars liars and broken promise's theives and liar's and corrupted criminal's and Big corporations of the elites the wealthy get richer off our tax payers the less minorities it's how they gain and profit for their own selfish greedy interest they don't care about the American people's We are under seiged being attacked within and don't care about our Peace and security it's why were in a crisis's at our border's of illegal Foreigner's and domestic immigrants and terrorists murderers sex trafficking and drugs that this man Biden stopped the Wall from being finished and trying too take away Our gun Rights Mass shooting is caused by their own criminal's socialists terrorists tyrannical groups it's just their way of leaving the American people's defenseless so they can overtake Our Country and take POWER over the American people's we better WAKE Up or the repeat of the inhumane souless psychopaths lunatics occultists Satanist occultists cabal dark force's will take over and repeat history of the Holocaust against the American people's that's happening NOW they are breaking Our Law's and rule's unconstitutionally. WAKE Up America 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲. These 2 men are telling the truth listen 👂 too the serious reality what's happening in Our Country right NOW!.Stop 🛑 wearing mask Don't COMPLY 😷 RESIST push back it's time we the American people's STAND Strong United together like brave courages fearless Warrior's and fight back and take back Our Country and take back POWER for the American people's let's Don't give Up and NEVER Surrender too these globalists elites socialists Nazis communist dictator's Marxist cabal Satanist occultists dark force's.They planned this plandemic event it's a hoax too put fear too the people's Don't COMPLY with their unlawful policies and regulations and Don't take their poisonous vaccine's.Washinton dc ( deep State Communist ) devil's playground unlawfulness foreigner domestic corrupted criminal's politicians criminal's socialists terrorists tyrannical puppet's of the Marxist communists globalists elites these are the ones who are behind this it's take out THESe Elite's and the rest will go down get rid of this evil wicked Satanist occultists dark cabal the pit of hell 🔥 it's time to cleanse Our Country of this Filth and Make America 🇺🇲 Great and beautiful Again Truth will prevail No weapons formed against US shall not 🚫 prosper Almighty Father God is with US not against US in this Battle it's in God's hands It's our calling too Do Our part defend and support each other's and show 💕 Love kindness and caring and compassion for each other and help each other's and support each help other's that are less fortunate through this raging Storm against Our enemies within it's time We the American people's say enough is enough when We turn back too GOD Almighty and repent from our sins and Accept JESUS Christ as Our Lord and savior and surrender our lives too him Almighty Father God will hear our prayers and heal our land. It's time for a spiritual movement revival and get baptized in the waters it's the Red Sea moment he's waiting and knocking at your door open your heart ❤️ and let JESUS Christ IN hear his calling choose eternal life Heaven will be rejoicing for All the lost souls being SAVED in JESUS NAME it's the only way. GOD WINS ❤️ Love my family's and brother's and sister's in Christ 🙏 shine your light 🕯️ within TRUST in GOD Almighty Keep your Faith Strong and stay in prayer's United together standing on the foundation of Our Lord seek the truth and the truth shall set US Free 🆓🎆😇🕯️🙏👑🕌📯GOD BLESS America 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 RISE UP Love conquers all put the armor of GOD ON.The enemies within know what blood type DNA runs through US We faithful believer's Divine GOD'S children's it's why Were being punished and abused and persecuted especially Christian's they hate what We STAND for FREEDOM and Truth it's time We open our eyes 👀 and WAKE Up from our slumber and face reality what's happening NOW!. GOD BLESS US All 🙏 and GOD BLESS America 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲.Father God Almighty is calling for All fearless brave and courages WARRIORS CHRISTIAN'S SOLDIER'S too March on All Nations All around the world use the weapon's of Truth we have been given .It's the only way too defeat these Godless evil wicked children's of Satan

  8. Likely it is safe to say that, largely, we all recognize politicians as an unpleasant part any form of government. Nevertheless, I believe this is the first time in my life I have so roundly loathed and despised an entire party nearly without exception. Watching the two evil jack-in-the-boxes behind him as counterpoint to this fearsome speech, at once boring and terrifying has given me a bellyache which will likely not subside for days.

  9. Oh my god what puppy upers is this trespasser on. Is our capital still ocupid by his military so our country is being raped robed and over thrown it's past time to use our 2nd amendment its the peoples country obite me

  10. i am sad for those of us humans how think that politicians and laws are solutions that can stop gun violence or any human behaviors… we must seek the root of our psychological maladies

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