May 8, 2021


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Biden’s War on Florida Goes Overt- FUAMI Action Time Now!

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21 thoughts on “Biden’s War on Florida Goes Overt- FUAMI Action Time Now!

  1. Wish I lived in Florida, but I'm going to work on helping our Lt Governor Mark Robinson lead NC in the same direction.

    Because the swamp is so deep & dirty, I think its important that each of us go out of our way to give support to the good ones we do have. They face pressure to jump in the filth with the others. Our support gives them strength, the courage and the reminders of their purpose/integrity.

    When public support is expressed to the good ones, it helps motivate others to be one of the "good ones" too. Just sharing some of the small scale ways we can do to reclaim our destiny.

  2. I tried to join online but it said something like CAPTIAfailed….?? I am in Port Orange and would like to join and maybe open a branch here. Very interested and flyers to hand out to people.

  3. did Big D just say he wanted to make sure to Genetically Molest them poor central americans before letting them in to suck it at all our unwanted dirty jobs ?

  4. The Only “Rights” we may have — is to separate from the Federal Monstrosity!
    It’s coming closer Daily, Constitutional Violation by Constitutional Violation‼️

  5. Brendon O'Connell says all of the freedom lovers are going to move down south and the rest of the brainwashed will be left in liberal hell holes. Lookup Brendon O'Connell' YouTube and brighteon page. It's a good rundown of another in my opinion bigger issue. Corporate espionage. Operation Talpiot. Thanks Sibel. Keep up your hard work.

  6. This is such a clown show. Florida is doing well by doing the opposite of what Biden's administration wants to do, so instead of having some shred of decency, and self-awareness, and maybe trying Florida's strategy, they go after the state instead.

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