May 13, 2021


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Big Tech PURGE Of Conservatives

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29 thoughts on “Big Tech PURGE Of Conservatives

  1. So Tory and Brexit need another outlet for sharing our views -Can Any of the new free viewing channels help like ‘Pled’ or ‘Pluto’ tried them out and for a new channel source they are amazing

  2. We conservative find other social media platforms, in fact, have an account on three new conservative media platforms. Dems want to cancel our Rights, our Right to Free Speech, & we won't allow that to happen.

  3. im praying just a slim chance the national guard been sent to the capitol building to put the democheats under arrest on inauguration day as they being sworn in….great thought

  4. It seems these big tech forget one thing the public all over the as of today I am going to stop using Twitter and all the rest of them I don't need these so called companies. American people stand up for your President and unsubscribe from these companies and watch their shares tumble. Lol

  5. Copy and paste this comment and spread the word! Many people are fleeing from these big tech platforms that participate in censorship and infringe on our first ammendment right! But many are not because the new social media platforms aren't as populated or have our friends and family on it. You can still help put a stop to big tech by encrypting your network, preventing them from obtaining your personal information and selling it to their advertisers! This app makes it super simple to set it up in under 5 minutes and you'll be helping put a stop to big tech while still using their platform! * EasyVPN .online* – Spread the word!

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