April 20, 2021


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Bilderbergers On The Run From The Real Truth Media

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39 thoughts on “Bilderbergers On The Run From The Real Truth Media

  1. This is funny. Reminds me of Obi Wan. "These are not the droids you're looking for.. move along." NPC'S is right.
    I'm glad I subscribed to the newsletter. It's really awesome. Thanks man

  2. Love ur work man. Ur a soldier of god working on the front lines for what is right. People like you will be remembered as the nikola Tesla’s of the 21st century.

  3. We Are Change might as well be controlled opposition, because they'll never mention the centrality of Jewish supremacism in all this. What's Kissinger, a good Irish boy? Who calls the tune for those proudly brainless media actors, guy?

  4. I like to call them the truth police. We are now enemies for telling the truth. "The darkness that must come out to light", Bob Marley!!! Shout to you guys Jeff. I love your videos, watch them every day.

  5. They need protection with a barrier but the People need OPEN BORDERS, no WALL!!
    They are our servants not masters and it's the People's earnings they have stolen and taken as their own. It's MODERN SLAVERY!!! They are obliged to answer ALL questions.
    These criminals have to be exposed and treated accordingly. Period.
    New subscriber and interesting info👍

  6. Plato: "give power to an imbecile and you will have a tyran". Since these people are planning a global dictatorship, did they ever learn any thing in school… like reading… real books, for example ?

  7. This 1% can afford everything and anything., as they are the one who robbed the rest of us,, all central banks and the Fed works for them. Justice will come , we will send all these criminals to Mars.

  8. When we the world international public will reunite to bring them down for massive crimes committed on humanity…And our gov's know't..We most do something, i don't know what, but something???????Awesome video…..

  9. Alex Jones has been reporting on Bilderberg longer then any of you guys. Sadly, he only has a website now due to being banned. He is still on YouTube under general sheperd. The channel keeps getting taken down every couple days and you have to search for it. They keep throwing it back up though. I follow are the other guys you have mentioned too.

  10. The reality is that unless someone on the inside leaks all , it's a waste of time going there . Also you said Merkel is Hitlers grand daughter ? That's bullshit ! Hitler was not a Jew and his name doesn’t feature on the Google list of German Jewish names like Merkels does , so no idea where that comes from !!!???

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