March 4, 2021


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Billion Dollar Market Cap for Sexy Low Capper (Supply Chain Crypto)

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36 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Market Cap for Sexy Low Capper (Supply Chain Crypto)

  1. FYI – I was pretty stoked about the EDI project, but when looking on their website there are cases of easy spelling errors and some broken links. This made me think this project is likely a scam, but I'd like to hear if you feel differently about it despite their website hiccups.

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  3. So I work with supply chains at my day job. I am technically a sales operations analyst, but I deal with OEM's, logistics, and global supply chains on a daily basis. Specially I handle the Amazon account at my company, which is a very substantial account.

    I cannot emphasize how revolutionary Freight Trust Network and Vechain are.

    Let me play an example of a normal order process.

    1. Amazon submits an order to SPS Commerce, our EDI middle man company that costs a fortune to deal with and has horrible support
    2. SPS then translates that data and submits those orders to us in a way that communicates with our order management system (SAP)
    3. I process orders, a message is sent to our warehouse to pick and ship product.
    4. Our warehouse has to request carriers from Amazon and wait days to hear back
    5. Orders are picked packed and shipped… Driver signs the paperwork stating he picked up everything
    – This is where things fall apart… Drivers don't scan individual packages but instead just simply sign off on trust
    6. EDI transmission is sent to SPS commerce to tell amazon we sent the shipment (ASN)
    7. Amazon receives the ASN via EDI and is now expecting the shipment and plans accordingly
    8. Amazon receives the packages in. Any packages that can't be scanned by a machine (printer low on ink, torn label, etc) are put in a lost and found and products get short received.
    – This is the second problem. Because the BOL only states how many pallets or how many boxes… It never confirms individual products. If something is short received, it is very hard to fight that. There isn't any paper trail to prove that one specific items was shipped.
    – This can then turn into long, drawn out, and time consuming ordeal trying to get paid for products you shipped.
    9. Wait 45 days for payment. If short received, Amazon will deny payment and won't let you challenge it for 90 days while they search for the product in their warehouses.

    The most extreme examples we've seen involve Amazon finding products 3 years after original receipt.

    From what I've gathered by talking to other companies who deal with Amazon… This is a common story.

    This is how this can be fixed.

    1. EDI cuts out the need for an expensive 3rd party company to handle your EDI translation.

    2. It also eliminates short received products because of the smart contract aspect.

    3. it removes the need for NET 45 terms (fairly standard 45 days till payment is due). This means companies can get paid right away, instantly… This means faster payment, more accurate accounting, and less risk.

    4. Vechain is a way of tracking products, specifically serialized products (most of my companies products are serialized)… Tracking it the whole way means that you have verifiable proof that an individual product was shipped and received. This is ridiculously powerful as it is verifiable proof of receipt.

    5. Finally… The sleeper coin that tops off a perfect trio… UniBright. UniBright is trying to integrate blockchain tech into software like SAP (an others)… Like i mentioned with my company… SAP is our PO management and inventory software. So UniBright makes it simple to integrate blockchain into previous architecture without blockchain experts needed to be hired. I would not be shocked to see a pairing of UniBright and EDI and/or VeChain. If that partnership doesn't happen, then expect Chainlink to somehow get involved.

    I am obviously not a financial adviser… BUT… I do know business and supply chain pretty damn well… These projects are going to be hard for companies to not want to use.

    However… It will take time. Many large companies like my own, will not jump on an unproven technology. It will be baby steps before we see massive companies using these tools… but it will be a competitive advantage for those who do adopt and word will spread as success is verified in dollar and time savings.

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  5. Gone are the days you just make money to spend without thinking about the future and thinking about the future you need to start investing as much as you can.

  6. I’m heavily invested into vechain and was wondering what edi is doing that vechain is not? Seems like similar strategy/platform, just different partners at the moment

  7. BB is the crypto handy capper…. pushing stats…performance monthly returns… coming from the sports world and gambling on sports most of my entire adult life… most handy cappers are scam artists….
    BB pushes winning info for free….. can’t get better than that.
    Thanks for all the hard work

  8. I've been an owner in the transportation industry and it is screaming for a blockchain solution, problem is carriers are the bottom of the totem pole and no one cares if/when they get paid last, also, shippers aren't paying their bills up front either so the 30, 60, 90 days pay time remains.

  9. @BitboyCrypto I watch all your videos and these are very good, helpful and informative. Please keep up your good work.
    Only request I have is if you can spare at lease 2 to 4 minutes of video time on what exchanges those coins are available on and how to store them if they are not ERC 2.0 tokens.

  10. UNC is a beast, free airdrop + stacking coming very soon.

    This is an easy 5-10x from current price

    Dos Network, Similar to Chain link and Band, DOS has 6 million usd market cap, may go 8-10 X from current price.

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