April 22, 2021


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Bitcoin News: Bull Run Roars Back (2nd Chance At Life Changing Wealth)

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40 thoughts on “Bitcoin News: Bull Run Roars Back (2nd Chance At Life Changing Wealth)

  1. From a technical point of views, the RSI looks promising in favor of the bulls, as the daily RSI is at the bullish territory above 50 (after reversing earlier today). At the same time, the Stochastic RSI oscillator is about to make a bullish crossover at the oversold area. In case this happens, it might assist the market in reaching higher highs. Lots of folks will do so well in the next bull market but you shouldn't be of the mindset to only hodl, can be very dangerous. As hard as it is ƚradıภg Crypt0, it sure is way more lucrative and is quite logical if you just learn & pay attention to what's going on, I’m not a pro ƚгadēг but I was lucky enough to make 37B T C since late last year following the instruct|ons and sιǫnals from results, Eric john Clark . He runs program for Wealthy Elites to how ƚradıภg bitcoin works, helping them utilize the volatility of the crypt0 market and also stacking up more bitcoin. You can easily get to them on Telegram@ericclark01 )

  2. Risk management is a vital element of success for any tradr in any mar:ket. No matter the size of the cap!tal you’re trad!ng with or investing in, losses are going to be inevitable, particularly in highly volatile mar:kets like crypt0currency. Learning how to manage risk to minimize losses is vital. Yet, it’s also necessary to master risk management in order to ensure maximum gains. After all, the more you’re willing to risk, the greater the potential reward. I’m not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 25’B’T’C since late last year following the instriuctions and s!gnals from Andrew Charles Weber. He runs program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works, to help them utilise the volatility of the crypto mar:ket and also stack up more bitcoin. You can easily get to Andrew on ω𝐇𝓐𝓽ѕ𝓐ρ𝐩 + 1 8 3 2 318 0 7 5 7 for Crypto related issues.

  3. Every time Bitcoin goes down, this guy, “buy buy buy”… every time Bitcoin goes up, this guy, also “buy buy buy”… bull run is on hold, ugly downward patterns, just chill. I’m not a hater, just someone looking for the right opportunity over a longer term, and history says there have been better windows of opportunity.

  4. Dear young investors, always understand the great need to learn how the stock market functions first, and also the importance of consulting an expert portfolio manager or stockbroker before even thinking of investing. The stock business is volatile and as a result subject to unprecedented changes. If one is not careful, one could lose hundreds of thousands in a matter of days! Understanding this will help you a lot.

  5. Hey great vid…. will some1 plz tell me how to get some theta???? And vpn to use for my labtop and cell phone??? And I live in Washington wtf is up with this state??? Im a noob any advice been awesome 👌 😎 👏 lol

  6. Is it just me or this guy just talks when their is a climb… And disappears or doesn't talk about bitcoin.. When it starts dropping. Wish he would tell us what are the support levels when their is a pullback or when it starts dropping

  7. Curious as to what triggered that youtube violation that took this video off…. and the need to snip off the end of the video in order to put it out again. Janet Yellen?

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