March 8, 2021


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Bitcoin News: Headed STRAIGHT to $55k (Top Bankers Predicting $300k)

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34 thoughts on “Bitcoin News: Headed STRAIGHT to $55k (Top Bankers Predicting $300k)

  1. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean financial security. I really appreciate the transparency and giving people a fighting chance during this troubling times.

  2. Another great video…..this whole audit thing seems to be another gimmick….if you ask me…Im just a blockchain dev….lol but seriously I can say hey I will Audit/check/read over your contract look for flaws and security risks and say Viola! Im a contract auditor….but I don't.And don't get me wrong some may be sincere…but honestly…say MIST,sunio , did the SUN contract audit but really, who are they even lol

  3. I'm curious how the 300K by December 2021 plays into the prediction that $BTC will peak and start to drop by that magic September 2021 date? Serious inquiry – what are your 2 cents Bitboy?

    Should we brace ourselves for that 9/2021 date or hold out through the end of the year?

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