March 8, 2021


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Bitcoin News: Smartest Billionaire Agrees With BitBoy in 2020

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39 thoughts on “Bitcoin News: Smartest Billionaire Agrees With BitBoy in 2020

  1. I'll advice everyone to invest in stuffs like penny stocks and cryptos. It can generate short term profits for you. This ain't stopping anytime soon, just the beginning of the great recession

  2. The rich gets richer because the poor thinks every opportunity is a scam. To be a successful trader and investor in the game try to take risks if you win you'll happy, if you loss you'll be wise.

  3. No offense brother but stay healthy. You look really different in this video. Not trying to offend you but the last few videos…I noticed a little weight gain. I'm a dedicated follower of your channel and just wanna see you stay around. Much respect.

  4. Very interesting content as always bitboy.

    I just made a mistake : Interesting.
    I am not tech savvy by any means but this occurred to me earlier today and was wondering if someone could help me: I sent CRPT from my ledger nano X to my Crypterium wallet and minutes later I tried sending my Uniswap tokens from my Exodus wallet to my Celsius wallet but it appears that I accidentally pasted the address I used earlier for the Crpt tokens 🤦🏻‍♂️.
    So on Etherscan it shows as "success" but my Uniswap coins obviously don't appear in my Celsius wallet. I was told I could recoup my Uniswap coins since both uni and crpt are ERC tokens.

    Thank you

  5. I have been counting satoshis for a couple years now & trying to change the way I think about money…it's coming & much sooner than we think 💪 Another awesome vid Ben 👏

  6. I know it's late, but happy birthday Ben! I was at work when I saw the Biboy Cake and party. I hope you enjoyed and had a great time with the family. It made me smile the whole time on that video, family is always first bro 👍 God bless

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