13 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: How does SegWit Bech32 save on fees?”
  1. Andreas, Yia. Question: When I try to get others involved in bitcoin, I sometimes first start by offering to send them some sats of bitcoin. But, they don't have a wallet and I am not face to face with them to help them install a wallet or decide on one. Is there a safe way to send someone bitcoin when they do not have a wallet (in order to encourage them to go get a wallet in order to accept the payment or import the private key of the address to which I sent the satoshis)? Are there any convenient electronic ways via email or the like of doing this? The educational barrier is huge for the non-initiated. So, the larger question is how should we gently initiate some encounter with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for those who are bit reticent?

  2. That' a very nice explanation of why P2SH-P2WKH is more expansive than P2WKH.

    And maybe you forgot to precise that Witness saves block space and so fees by leaving the signature out of the block 🙂

  3. Hello Anton! I'd love to hear your take on Cardano. Charles just recently announced they will be using Bech32 address format on the main net version of their Daedalus wallet.

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