May 12, 2021


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Bitcoin Q&A: How to Encourage Adoption

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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: How to Encourage Adoption

  1. The best most effective way to promote cryptocurrency adoption is by rendering the payment method chosen by the buyer (credit card, bank account or cryptocurrency) irrelevant to the seller, so buyers can spend their cryptocurrencies in any store. That's exactly what Valsto does.

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  3. You cannot protect your friends from pyramid schemes and shitcoins…bc they KNOW they can do it and win.

    You can tell them until you're blue in the face…it will do nothing.

    I've learned you need to let people make their own mistakes with this stuff.

    The same reasons they ignored you since 2012 are the same reasons they will ignore you about BITCONNECCCCCTTTT!

    Humans learn best by losses.

  4. @andreas, from approximately13.23 to 13.43 in the video you really hot the nail on the head. This (shifting from a money=hype culture to a use case=hype culture) is something I'm working on through a new initiative which I would love your feedback on! Let me know

  5. Andreas, I am curious about a good non custodial phone based wallet. Or at least how to research to find a good one. Is it a good idea to try to get a multi currency wallet rather than just bitcoin? Also my understanding phone wallets are the least secure, is this true?

  6. Thank you for your amazing and awesome Talks. 🙂 I'd like to know if Multi algorithm altcoins POW are more secure ? more decentralized ? Those altcoins with short time blocks have a lot of orphan blocks. How this affect the network ? Does it matter so much ? is this really an issue ? Thanks

  7. is something like exodus a wallet that gives you control over your keys? I deinstalled in in december due to the high transaction fees. What is a good wallet in general and how can I make a backup?

  8. We are so early in this market, we are "fringe investors" pre October 2018… from now we get "early adopters" from October 2018 till 2020… then only do we get mass adoption from 2020 onwards… well done people…

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