February 26, 2021


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Bitcoin Q&A: Lightning, Liquid, and Exchange Rates

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19 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: Lightning, Liquid, and Exchange Rates

  1. https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-forget-google-facebook-log-in-with-our-new-blockchain-id/
    I'd like to hear Andreas opinion about this microsoft implementation ION. It seems very very very amazing, expecially becouse it comes from a company that is famous to rapresent the opposite of the open source approach. For the first time one of the biggest IT company is using bitcoin as a mechanism to get trust….and for the first time they are not saying…."bitcoin sucks is too slow, we're gonna do it on our blockchain". I think this is something huge

  2. This is the end game, to have an exchange in one's own crypto wallet device, Lighting and Liquid will make this happen. The only hard part is tapping into the fiat on and off ramps without KYC/AML.

  3. If anyone is aware of any projects working on what Andreas was mentioning here (specifically a lightning DEX) Please ping or reply I am particularly interested in this type of project, be it nascent or otherwise. Regards.

  4. WTF. The beginning of this video will give rise to new memes. Not elegant, AA. It's the man's name, even if it's a made up man just to introduce the Q&A.

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