February 26, 2021


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Bitcoin Q&A: Operating a Business with Cryptocurrency

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21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: Operating a Business with Cryptocurrency

  1. I just watched like 10 of your QnA and other videos and want to say thank you for your great work. Your explanations are very simple and still deep, thank you for amazing contribution to society and humanity. Sorry, I might got to excited) But really, thank you!

  2. Andreas, would you liketo record a video about accepting Zero-conf transactions? I would like to know your viewpoint on this basis – what attacks could be, what are ways to prevent them, maybe some new ideas. I think if we want Bitcoin as a basic currency for regular people, we should think how to do fast retail with it. Accepting and securing zero-confs in different cryptocurrencies (maybe Monero, maybe Dash) would be awesome topic

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Andreas , Could you answer this question please. I recently joined 'toptencoin' with the lowest entry of 250 euros ( apparently UK based but has origins from Bulgaria- that's scary)I had a mentor assigned to me. I set up ' any desk' so he could organise the page and run me through learning to buy & sell trades in crypto coins. Success rate was 7 wins per ten trades. We had 3 night time conversations in 'teaching me' ( I'm from Australia, that's why the night time calls) In the daytime, I would do a few buys ( mainly XRP – ripple) and I could never get out of the 'red' It would never go ' green' ie :- sell indicator. Here's the thing , he calls at night time ; and perhaps not fix the trade I'm currently losing on BUT buys into XRP a couple of times and within 5 – 10 seconds , the red turns to green and he quickly tells me to close the trade. I asked " How did you do that when I can't get it to go 'green'?" He said he has the benefit 3 screens to look at ( plus a comprehensive knowledge of course) In my mind, I'm thinking ,if I'm in the red for say 10 to 20 US $ , it can't be possible for him to do what he did. OR CAN IT? I'd really appreciate your thought on this. I also display ' the relative strength index'. Still can't figure it out and am unsure when to do a 'buy' I did't take much notice as to what point he bought ( candle red or green- don't know) but if he bought when candle was red and in those 5 to 10 seconds , it continued to stay red, then something doesn't add up. I'm just a novice writing this to you so I'm only speculating. I'm wanting to know more. I'm a bit monkey see monkey do . I have to see how it's done and UNDERSTAND it . When I eventually get something , I run with it. Any comment from others are welcome. Cheers Glenn

  4. I'd love to accept BTC for rent as a landlord. Instant, confirmed transaction that can't be clawed back. The low income-tenants wouldn't do that. It'd take too long for them to exchange $ for BTC and their rent would be late.

  5. I shudder to think of the spreadsheet maze it would take track all of these transactions, keep up with cost basis, and track holding period for LT vs ST. Your accountant dreads your return every year I promise. =)

  6. Thanks for the videos. I canceled YouTube red today and left feedback about censorship. I am now on bitchute and gab .ai
    I will no longer be getting my content here. I hope to see you on those sites. I suggest everyone leave feedback and make the switch. The only true voice we have is through a mass exodus away from corporate fascism. God bless you all.

  7. Andreas … as a technopreneur why do you have to take an income? Why not do like what Mark Zuckerberg & Donald Trump are doing; take an annual income of $1? 😗

  8. Bitcoin should be use as everyday's currency what would you think isn't it a good idea the daily earned profit will not be lose by any invester and they would totally trust the bitcoin.

  9. Andreas, why do you go out of your way to bash "promoting" bitcoin (or crypto)? Globally, this year, companies will spend around 5x the current market cap of bitcoin on advertising and marketing. You know why? Because it works. Not only does it work in a vacuum, but it works when you have people actively spreading disinformation about your brand (see: warren buffet). Additionally, speculation doesn't "help, distracts, and creates a lot of backlash"… what? We can all agree that a majority, probably a healthy majority, of all crypto projects are speculative. And to the degree that Bitcoin lacks accessible UI (its coming, but as you yourself say with the email analogy with your mother, the backend has to handle things so it can be simple with a swipe), to that degree, Bitcoin itself is speculative. So you're saying people should only be into bitcoin for "the right reasons" …? Not speculation? Only if they "need" bitcoin? Doesn't that strike you as rather elitist?? And, for the record, all of this speculative money has led to more attention, which has led to more money coming in, which has led to more companies, which has led to more devs and vc money and faster development and etc etc. Be honest Andreas, you think we're going to overhaul the entire world's financial system but only allow people in who are in for "the right reasons" ?? What's the development timeline without all the speculative money? Dude, I love you, I love your work, I've read a lot of your stuff, watch a ton of videos, and followed you for years, but this repeated hammering on the negatives of marketing or PR or promotion just strikes me as so elitist, silly, naive, and simply untrue! You think all the development and progress would be here today if the price was $50, without all that speculation money? You don't have to like it. But why go out of your way to stop something that is helping move the ball down the field????

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