17 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: What’s a good place to start with inheritance planning?”
  1. IMO currently – as long as there are no smart-contracts handling this on their own (and those contracts would have to be extremely complex; verifying the right heir, verifying your actual death, etc) – there will always be people involved.
    No matter if those are "legal" people (eg. lawyers or solicitors) or your relatives. There will still be a risk that the one(s) who should receive your crypto-assets won't get them.

  2. Michael asks.
    How do all the nodes agree on the exact time the blocks took before the difficulty adjustment. Is the time stamped in the blocks? and as the blocks propegate and arrive at different nodes at different times, how do they check time correctness? Or what margin do they allow to not split the chain? Could a miner claim block is produced a year from now? Or one minute? How does time checking and validating work? Time seems to be an ‘external’ factor which can therefore be manipulated. How does the network solve this.

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