46 thoughts on “Bitcoin to CRASH and Why It Might Get UGLY + PrimeXBT Tutorial”
  1. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin Dumping, The truth is it will go higher even if it dumps, The best thing to do now is to invest what we hold in our wallet. As for me i’m learning to trade with Thomas Hubert and so far my crypto has been increasing massively.

  2. Please…. There is only ONE thing to do for you….. Seriously…. Study up on what BLOCKCHAIN technology really does…. Then you should stop making these predictions wrapped in elaborate unfounded videos… IN CASE YOU DID NOT KNOW …. EVERY one wants BTC to go to ZERO…. Especially those who manipulate it to be able to buy…YES BUY…. Unlimited amounts?… No.. Just 21 million tops.. And Herein lies the reason why it never will happen and that you are very wrong….. Hey.. Even I want BITCOIN to go down to get it cheaper… How about you?… Are you just a shill?

  3. we live in an era of emotionally weak people, where the truth is drowned out by those in power and whoever tells the truth is killed or imprisoned, the truth is that they can make 1 million videos to mandate bitcoin, the name bitcoin is used to for all intents and purposes, the name blockchain used to make it look like the companies themselves, in fact those who didn’t buy should buy it because when it starts running out the price goes as high as it can go, and at that time videos like this will be a laughing matter, and the powerful ones who print could not do anything but buy, in fact many who said badly already bought millions of bitcoins, think for yourself and start thinking that videos and all the advertising around bitcoin is misinformation, paypal alone has more users than all the exchanges in the world are 300 million and there is no bitcoin for everyone, and the less bitcoin there is to sell the more the price goes up, have not bought bitcoin yet? when the dollar goes to zero you will remember this warning …

  4. Do you still use the 1st mobile phone invented?
    Stupid question right!
    Of course the answer is No.
    So why do people waste their time and money on btc?
    The answer is because, certain wealthy investors want to pump the price up, before they dump their bags on the retail investors. The truth is that btc is old tech, slow and expensive, the lightning network is terrible and non travel rule compliant. And let's not forget China control the mining and it's not exactly environmentally friendly. If your going to invest in crypto, put your money into projects with real utility. They are the projects that will succeed.

  5. That $6 Trillion in new fiat hopefully lasts longer than a few months. How on God’s green earth are so many people and businesses strapped for cash? The first lockdown only lasted three months…

  6. this is another great video bud! Really glad you are back and keeping us in the loop. it's quite clear that BTC is an accumulating crypto, leading to the next uptrend/ bull market,

  7. do you get a 50% bonus even if you deposit BTC from another wallet or exchange like coinbase? or do you have to purchase the BTC from prime XBT to get the bonus. Also wanted to know can you deposit ETH and get the bonus or is it just for btc

  8. Watching the video for over 7 min … just advertisement content…(paid) ….? Not related with the title … please keep up with your good content and research and stay truthful to your loyal audience…
    thanks mate

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