March 5, 2021


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Bitter Nicola Sturgeon WORSE Than Trump 😳 Blames Gordon Brown For SECRET Deal To Divide 🇬🇧

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She wants to build a wall right?… Support The Voice Of Reason @ Alex Belfield Live with the UK’s #1 mass debate. Honest …


47 thoughts on “Bitter Nicola Sturgeon WORSE Than Trump 😳 Blames Gordon Brown For SECRET Deal To Divide 🇬🇧

  1. Don't trash Trump. The corrupt democrats stole the 2020 election. Anyone with an iota of sense can see that. I suggest you take a look at the current Maricopa county shenanigans before making ill advised comments. You've just lost another subscriber.

  2. Alex I am beginning to think you are actually going stir crazy, yet again you manage to disappoint your loyal subscribers, you was paying homage to the man a few weeks ago. Don't disrespect President Trump and classing him as a sore loser, because at end of the day,the only losers are trump supporters watching their elected president lose out due to election theft, trump is fighting to prove that the American ppl was robbed , I don't know how you can condone that action, you really need to research truthful American media sites, you are coming across as hypocritical as the very person you have pleasure in exposing yourself..hmmmm? Just a little tip alex,research truthful American media sites,and check out what's really going on ,trump is fighting for his ppl of the country, big difference from sitting in your kitchen ranting about the shambolic way britain has become…sorry Alex wish you would think more before you put your mouth in gear, hope this doesn't offend you..but you are slowly losing your support..🤬

  3. I personally insist that they  MUST become independent! Then after 6 months they will realise that those people ruling them are Stalinist, and they will be on their knees wanting to be part of the Union once again!

  4. Forgot to say they already puting out ads here in Scotland to applying for ' postal votes ' for up coming elections in Scotia… MMMmmmmm…( due to covid )… Biden crew must LUV Nicola… she the poster child for ther commie rhetorical…. I reallly wish i could shout this out to all the sheep but unfortunately with family tragedies cant bring up politics the now .. pass on tho 👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  5. Here we go again… slagging someone off when it suits… you have always backed Trump why all of a sudden are you slagging him…. you need to get a grip Alex or your little empire will come crashing down around you.

  6. Trump. The greatest U. S President ever. Never heard a Brummie speak like that. Think your 20 miles out. What's happened about your rant on Jeremy Vine? I think youv'e lost it.

  7. Alex I think you need to read the comments on this post. Whilst politics is a waste of time, nothing ever gets better with politicians. I think you might have upset the Trump base on your channel. You need that holiday in the US. Take a chill pill I think your losing it mate and your talking points are sounding more and more childish and mainstream by the day. I’m
    Still not sure if your the real deal or controlled opposition. I still support you as seem to point out much that is wrong with the world but I love you one minute then want to unsubscribe the next.

  8. Nowt wrong with Trump other than what crap MSM make up about him. For all you Trump Bashers. May i suggest you not watch or read MSM shite. MSM are just out 'n"out Propagandists with an agenda and are colluding with governments for GREAT RESET using Covid as there smokescreen. It'll come out "eventually" when you all wake up and read between the lines.

  9. gordon brown .. the guy who left no.10..with nowt in the kitty !!! why would anyone care what he thinks..nother expert (ex something that has been & spurt a drip under pressure)

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