July 26, 2021


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27 thoughts on “Black history in British schools

  1. Although I have more hair than you we are about the same age.
    You are a really intelligent person but I must ask. How is it a little nobody like me knew Blacks came out of Asia and college professors had no clue?
    I'm not bragging, well, maybe kinda. Do you mean to tell me I should be teaching Oriental Studies at Harvard University and writing educational books?
    My wife, family and friends keeps telling me I need to write Oriental Negro History books.
    I'm trying to get you to unlearn everything you've learned so I can feed you and watch you grow.

  2. “The soft bigotry of low expectations” – Great phrase! I hate that it was George Bush who first spoke it! He also ‘invented’ the “Islam is a religion of peace” myth! Islam is a fascinating religion with an impressive history but no serious historian or theologian could state that Islam is “peaceful”!

  3. People don’t migrate to downgrade their lives. Where is everyone going? It’s one way flow into European Countries.

  4. Afrocentrism is a bad idea, just as white supremacy, because they ignore reality and are ideological, but of course the origins of real civilization did begin in Africa roughly 5000 years ago. This is a completely mainstream, academically accepted reality. Atlantis is a entirely separate thing that has no base in reality.

  5. To whoever owns this page, please check the people who are hating on POCS, you are only saying “thank you” and not “I’m not trying to create a divide between white people and BIPOC’s. I see this is where white People come to talk mess

  6. I literally do not know why some white people feel the need to comment of things that have nothing to do with them? When you’ve made your little lowkey racist and jealous comment, do you sit back and say to yourself “well done” do you feel better?

  7. The racism in this comment section is eesh? it’s funny how things go. So I need to tell everyone that this is where all the racists come and commune in their coven. This is funny, cos all of you are grown adults spreading hate when I’m pretty sure that the man in charge of this channel isn’t trying to do that. Why can’t people just get educated and shut up when it isn’t your problem? I really don’t get it, how the best way to respond to these kind of videos is to be smug. I don’t know what everyone wants from everyone, but these comments aren’t helpful or insightful. It isn’t leftist to be compassionate about POCs. Last time I checked, none of you are from AFRICA so why are you so pressed? None of you are in a British secondary school so wtf? And that’s the reason that us as Gen Z can’t wait for you guys to get too old to use social media.

  8. If Europeans were once Mauren, and during the Transatlantic migration they were all Creoles labeled as Whites.
    When did current day non mixed Whites begin?
    As you can see all Europeans were Mestizos during settlement of Americas meaning they were Coloureds or Farbige, or Blacks (Mauren).

  9. This is unadulterated scaremongering. I am a teacher and you are promulgating complete and utter racist lies. I am happy to do fact checking and proper academic research of everything I teach. Shame on you for pushing your agenda through this pseudo “history “. Please fact check and publish your sources or “show your workings”.

  10. The problem with the “black” curriculum is that it is inherently racist. It implies that the current curriculum is “white”, without factual basis or merit and is merely a racist distortion of history. If the aim of this movement is to create a color-blind society where people and ideas can be judged solely on the basis of their merits rather than one polarized by race, why select the racist title “The Black Curriculum.” To be truly equal, one must insist that everyone be treated as an equal. True equality demands that what you believe, say and do be subjected to examination and evaluation for its factual basis and merits by others. Applying this principle, factual criticisms and corrections of currently accepted history should be welcomed, while unsubstantiated distortions and fabrications of history should be exposed for what they are and rejected.

  11. They also claim original post desertification non Egyptian North Africans were not white, which is also untrue. Much of North Africa was white up until Islam. The original Berbers, the North Africans that settled the Canary Islands and went back and forth to Iberia, were white.

    But this stuff is becoming common educational lies.

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