April 10, 2021


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BlazeTV Reporter Pulled After Facing Death Threats in DC

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46 thoughts on “BlazeTV Reporter Pulled After Facing Death Threats in DC

  1. I would suggest that this young man buy a gun and get a conceal and carry permit and learn how and when to use it !
    Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 .

  2. SAD I am a shame of those people say they are americans and talk HATE they are not ture americans but I am so i like to say I am sorry Elijah and his wife had to go through that I will keep them in my prayers

  3. Watch what you say because they can remove your account at any time for no reason. My account just get banned from google, probably for watching/commenting pro-Trump related stuff! I have no idea why. Pretty sure it's the trump stuff I watched.

  4. Well when Biden takes office it should be safe to walk down the streets of East st Louis at 0200 , right ? ….lol…im just anxiously awaiting to see who these people blame next for their poor choices in life and their short comings since they said it was "Orange man bad " that was the cause of their woes .

    These people are like the bad employee who keeps getting fired from job after job for poor performance but blames the companies for it never taking into account they might be their own problem …

    They'll have to replace "Orange man bad " with " old man bad " .

  5. Stop crying and actually do something for once. All we hear is crying, but why dont militia go make sure he doesnt get harmed. They dont need to be out in the open, just there. If not, then…

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