February 25, 2021


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Bolivia Election 2020: Socialist Victory one Year After US-backed Coup

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13 thoughts on “Bolivia Election 2020: Socialist Victory one Year After US-backed Coup

  1. Great News. Thanks for bringing us Ollies Report. What's really surprising is that the US admin allowed it, especially after all their efforts to oust the Evo Morales government. Are the neocons Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams et al, losing their influence? Would it have been allowed under a Clinton or Biden admin? Definitely not. There is hope for the rest of Latin America, especially Venezuela in this result. Would be fantastic to see Morales return in some capacity. Great result. Hope it holds.

  2. Hope Bolivia does not turn out as Venezuela. Having lived under Socialism, behind the Iron Curtain (some younger people perhaps do not even know the term) for more than 40 years, I do not foresee any good things in a long term if Marxism/Communism is adopted by the governing people in Bolivia. Socialism dictatorship is the worst among any dictatorships. Just look at Pol Pot regime after graduating Marxism or something in the revered Sorbonne, France. Not to mention Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro …..Killed and practically enslaved more people than anyone else on Earth. Good luck.

  3. It sucks that the word 'socialism' is involved in this whole story. It helps certain folks turn this into a left/right or commie/capitalist issue – just another thing to argue about.
    It also often leads us to miss the main issue –
    Bolivia should be run by Bolivians, not minority political parties with Western backing.

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