October 23, 2021


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BOMBSHELL: The Secrets Are Getting Leaked!

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36 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: The Secrets Are Getting Leaked!

  1. Bill Gates is freemason Illuminati a true devil worshiper of Saturn , for him to gain knowledge to come up With all he has ritual killings rape of children were performed ,lookup the veil society and Antarctica pastor Charles Lawson on YouTube,and look up Christian rebbi Elisha Michaels reveals the Antichrist

  2. I think they both were sadistic, and voyeuristic, to peer into rooms were young girls and probably boys were asked to perform sex and likely S&M. This then provokes BG to participate in such injurious behavior. They're both such losers!

  3. Thats not how it happened. Everything is planned in detail. Check Operation Lockstep, Agenda 2030. The Alien thing is man made (of course) to distract the public from revelations about p e d o ga te and k o rr o nae.

  4. I'm gonna make my own AI, I'm gonna open up a grocery store, and force people to scan an ID to come in, anyone I don't agree with will not be allowed to purchase from me. Also I'm gonna hire heavy handed guards to enforce this policy.

  5. Blocking the sun…what an asinine idea. Covid looks like a hybrid of a mold spore if you ask me, so no wonder that's on his agenda. When is BG going to be arrested and tried for mass murder and child rape? Certainly someone in Congress can confiscate his ill-made fortune, no?

  6. Yes, take the masks off now because the people who took the vaccine are now creating the virus inside their body and spreading it. The lying scientists are still same snakes they were before.

  7. This new strain really resonates. Yes you can kill or increase virus's by electromagnetic frequencies. 5 G flowing through your home along with smart meter radiation etc. So, radiation poisoning and lowered frequency in body to make us sick.

    UFO which was invented by Tesla and built in Germany and now stored in a mountain in New Mexico and flown once a week. People bring lawn chairs and watch them fly so not a secret. They "attacked" Southern CA back in the 50's. They were saving it for another fear porn which they love to keep Americans in fear or anger since it lowers your bodies EMF, electromagnetic frequencies and if gets low enough you get cancer or other diseases.

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