September 25, 2021


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Bonds vs Bullion: Will This Trickle Turn Into a Flood for Gold & Silver?

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42 thoughts on “Bonds vs Bullion: Will This Trickle Turn Into a Flood for Gold & Silver?

  1. A big difference is that one pays ordinary income taxes on bond interest, whereas one pays the much less qualified dividend rate (potentially 0%) on most S&P 500 stocks that pay dividends (excluding REITs).

  2. Schizophrenia was used by Adam to suggest a complete change of personality, as is often and incorrectly done. Schizophrenia is characterized by disorganization of thought and speech, hallucinations and delusions. People must be thinking of split personality (extremely rare) or perhaps bipolar disorder. I am tired of hearing the term used incorrectly. PS I am a fan of Adam

  3. 1. Suppressed p.m. prices greatly assist the Fed Reserve and Fed Treasury in promoting their narrative of "all is well". 2. Officials in FR and FT can back up the truck and greatly benefit personally by loading up on physical p.m.'s at these bargain prices, plus all the mining stocks they please. What incentive is there for them to end the price suppression?

  4. We all realize that the rich are socialized they get all the money they cant loose, while we go bankrupted. The middle class wants a bail out too.

  5. We are not witnessing the unraveling of the republic. The republic died before I was born. When all of our money, all of our wars, and most of the things the government spends money on are unconstitutional, everything else is just fluff to distract you from that fact.

  6. Nobody gets free stuff from the government because the government has nothing of its own to give.
    A government cannot give to one class except it first takes from another class.
    Generally, the so-called free stuff is plundered from the productive class and then given as a gratuitous gift (charity) to the unproductive class.
    And, take particular note of how a plundering government never gives due recognition to the productive class; but rather, takes the credit itself, as though it was actually their money that was so benevolently given!
    Has anybody ever heard a politician or a bureaucrat thank the tax payer for funding their handouts? Or has anybody ever heard them first seek the consent of the tax payer? Of course not, for then the people might seriously begin to think and to object.
    It's a sobering fact that socialism is always generous with other peoples' money, and eventually runs out of other people's money!
    Think on these things.

  7. I have a question and i think it’s a pretty reasonable thing to ask: what about asteroid mining? It really looks like companies like transastra etc are getting closer and closer and I’m pretty sure it’ll happen within 20 years. Gold and silver stacking is looking more fragile as a long term investment, no?

  8. I am a late Boomer who has not sold his home because it is a Preppers Paradise. I've got too much physically and emotionally invested in it to sell. I had thought about keeping this property as a rental, but it's too complex for someone to manage.

    Basically I've got it dialed in, and where the hell am I going to go? Some Garden apartment? Maybe I should rent and cash out. Buy something on the flip side of the crash.

    Up/down on a decision but I'll likely stay put. My brother can deal with it while I'm gone.

  9. "Alaska Prepper News" is a channel for people who value their own work, who value precious metals, who value getting ready for what's going to happen. It is a poor man's explanation of the same thing.

  10. Get your facts straight Mike. 42 isn't the "meaning of life"… no no, it's more important than that… it's the "ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything" (Douglas Adams)

  11. No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America. Its Real. MK Ultra Ken Rhoades This will be used to totally control all Americans. 5G will be the final nail. The Hammer program is being exposed !!. This was used on Trump. And now they are adding a lot more of you Daily. Track and Trace they have been doing this to Targeted Individuals for years

  12. In a nutshell… It creates a 'false-economy'. It gives the 'illusion' of wealth and prosperity through what is actually crony-capitalism vs that of true capitalism via (the principle of) free-market economics. These people live in a parallel universe basically.

  13. Really a question for Mike. How is it that everyday this week between 8-9am US opening time 'Someone' has dumped a load of paper gold to knock the price back below $1800 and they are getting away with it.?? Its clearly the Fed/Bankers not wanting gold to go higher. How do they get away with it??

  14. It's all very well. But avoid dealing with gold money! I have been waiting nearly 2 weeks for my money having sold back silver to them. Any other gold dealer pays out within 24 hours. Talk about a counter party risk!

  15. Let Adam Taggart know citing it does not give him more credibility. If it is called she then he is not worth a listen. Just use its name and there is no problem. And that quote was known in Roman times. Might as well credit it to Oprah then if you want to credit it to that guy. Instead of government largess they called it bread and circuses. Your audience has knowledge of history too.

  16. 21:05 Regarding the chart of # weeks of work to buy a house: In the "crazy" mid 90s, that # of weeks increased by 30% because of WOMEN. By the mid-90s, most of the households had shifted from one professional income to two professional incomes, and they began to compete for housing. As a result, house prices increased to absorb that extra pay.

  17. 4th stimulus check? Heck ya!!!!!! Keep sending me money and I'll keep buying silver. usdebtclock . org The total annual interest payment on federal unfunded debt is greater than the federal tax revenue. The US federal budget deficit is just 28 billion less than the federal tax revenue. Doesn't that seem like being past the point of no return? It is interesting to watch but when it crashes it will crash badly. At least shorting the market at that point will provide some interesting returns for retirement 🙂

  18. The people in government that are old enough to remember the 60's – 80's don't care. They are so out of touch with actual reality they don't see the issue. Almost all of them grew up with enough privilege to never understand first hand how any inflation affects the 95% of the country that feel the pain. Seriously, just look at all the policies, bills, etc. they write. READ THEM! It is painfully obvious they have zero understanding of life outside the walls of Congress.

  19. I'm 32 and have studied history from pre written history into modern times. No debt based system has ever lasted forever. The algorithms might be able to distort reality for now, but at some point it will realign with history. The question for me becomes how long will it take for the 5,000 year natural algorithms to align with the artificial algorithms created by man?

  20. Once people realize the elites have planned to get rid of 7.5 billion of us and this time they are for blood, one needs to remember these evil doers have beautiful places off planet this is not new news! All the media is being promised a new life and forced to preform on TV , that’s why this doesn’t make sense, and all this foolishness is right on target, The world forum documents tell the story,

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