June 17, 2021


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Boris Introduces Voter ID & New Voting System

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22 thoughts on “Boris Introduces Voter ID & New Voting System

  1. No problem with that at all. These days you need id for most things but there are many like my dad whos over 80 who hasnt a passport or a drivers licence and cant use public transport due to mobility and health issues so he doesnt have a bus pass with his picture on it, so that needs to be addressed. So the lefties are having a melt down about it, no change there then.

  2. Hallelujah! At long last! Why are people unhappy? This must be about what people have to hide which might be economic migrants etc…….there are a large number of country’s who have photo ID and it is just part of life and the accepted norm! If people do not have the money to pay for photo ID they would be helped requiring only a photo. If people are honest and up front with nothing to hide I cannot see the problem. Just like having a credit card in your wallet/purse.

  3. Voter ID is long over due and completely makes sense. Only a party that relies on voter fraud would be against it like Labour/dems here and the democrats in the USA

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