September 25, 2021


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Boris Johnson's insane total lockdown (Pay attention, Canada!)

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29 thoughts on “Boris Johnson's insane total lockdown (Pay attention, Canada!)

  1. In Brisbane Qld Australia During our lockdown just because we don't want to be left out and one case. You can go fishing for food but not for enjoyment. So if you catch a fish you need to feel sad and look hungry.
    We even writes this crap.
    Police that enforce this should be ashamed. Lost state wide lockdown people were fined for not using the closed boat ramp.

  2. The Ford Dictatorship has put us all on house arrest….
    We are now realizing that Canada had no safety net to protect us against a government that turns against its own people…

  3. Can somebody show me a way out of this tyranny without violence? Because I really do not want it to come to that, but when the elections are rigged, how can we actually effect a change? I feel like we very unfortunately need a sort of revolution. I would say maybe that we just need some strong leaders, but I mean, if we did get the leaders we needed, they'd just be shut down in one way or another. I just can't picture taking back power by any other means, because even social media websites are now our enemies. The game is rigged, we aren't going to win fair and square, because fair and square don't exist.

  4. Since when are stated in british law that you can do only this?, this is an outrageous breaking of human rights and they are using this stepping on them, Nuremberg, Helsinki declarations to name a few.

  5. Hi Ezra the public in England are not really following the Uk governments guidelines…Many retail shopping parks are still open. Very little has changed the Uk roads are still busy with traffic. People are driving to and queing up at their local Costa coffee shops and hamburger cafe's. Nobody is really taking much notice.

  6. People think the "pandemic" created the perfect conditions for the great reset or the great reset was created because of the "pandemic", but if you have closely shadowed the technocratic order for a long period of time, you will quickly come to understand that the pandemic was created by the great reset, for the great reset, to usher in the age of reason. Obviously "the great reset" is just a marketing slogan for something else, but I will use it since for those of you who are just starting to awaken from your deathly slumber, this terminology will be more recently familiar.

  7. Boris Johnson……he's another elected puppet! Mr. Turdo and Mr. Johnson are like 2 peas in a pod! They are trying to take England away from being an independent country again and like Trudeau wants to take over Canada under the guise of becoming a strong and Soros guided country! If rules stomp down on citizens long and hard enough……..well it outs the Leaders as people that are in it and win it for themselves and their cronies! No amount of their stupidity and corruption will make this garbage easy to swallow. Wake up people!

  8. I am laughing I have been watching your news because …. UK was following your restrictions last May.
    I am English living in Spain. The Hospital's are not overwhelmed here either.
    We are all following the Canadian Roadmap.

  9. Thank you all for posting the truth. You are the only national news organization worthy of the name news. It's time i open my wallet up and send you cash regularly. I implore the rest of your viewers that they do the same.

  10. I wish you'd put a warning on here. I make a point not to watch evil, lying Doris or any of his crooked cronies and now I can't un-see the bit I saw before I hit pause! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!

  11. Elite's continue to travel by air .police stopping vehicle using automatic vehicle number plate recognition matching home address registered and questing the reason for travel .

  12. The experts were saying there is either five or six strains of the "VIRUS" as far back as last April , so there is no new varient .They count on us having extremely small attention spans in order to get away with their lies !

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