February 26, 2021


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Boris Officially Bans Huawei 5G

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30 thoughts on “Boris Officially Bans Huawei 5G

  1. MR ,Tousi , Boris is a bloody hypocrite and believes that the British public are the same ? What he is doing is telling us hecis refusing the Chinese 5G ,but then he listens and is guided by SAGE who have Chinese Communist infiltrators on that panel ,so which way will this man for all seasons ,depending on which way the wind blows does he move ? No Doris will still have 5 G in Britain ,MONEY the tempter will lead him on ,loves money does Boris ????

  2. Beijing Boris Johnson won't get rid of 5G,

    And Speaking of the Winnie the Jinping & the CCP Virus:

    Anyone hear all the Lies that came out the mouth of Johnathan Van-Tam?

    He has been lying and trying to scare mungering the British Public into thinking that the Covid 19 will be around forever,

    What a Total Pack of Utter Lies.

    Matt Hancock

    Patrick Vallence,

    Chris Whitty

    & Johnathan Van-Tam

    All have to Go!

    These Evil & Wicked Liers can never ever be Trusted.

  3. With the election of Biden as our president, the US will no longer lead the free world against the existential threat that the Chinese Communist Party lead Chinese government presents.

  4. Let's be honest if China invited ITT, Bell Labs, Nokia or Motorola etc… to build their 5G network, wouldn't we try to sneak some spyware/killware into the system? China cannot be trusted, their industry is based on intellectual theft, blatant imitation and then officially denying it. Product development and design is the most difficult and costly process. They sit back, let the West do the hard word (and take the risks), employ cheap labour, steal our ideas and make loads of money….

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