October 23, 2021


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Boris To EXTEND Lockdown Powers For Another 6 Months [14.03.21]

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23 thoughts on “Boris To EXTEND Lockdown Powers For Another 6 Months [14.03.21]

  1. if every person got on the streets and every shop opened and every bar pub restaurant takeaway and every factory opened the government couldn't do anything about it

  2. When are the scientists and government going to recompense people who have lost their businesses through no fault of their own because they were not allowed to open

  3. Tax payers money should not be made available to anyone from a foreign country that have not paid any taxes themselves into the purse . And can you believe that an advert on here whilst I'm watching your programme was for lawyers aimed at helping these migrants . Grrrrr .

  4. We are under the Civil Contintingencies Act 2004… The only thing blundering Boris Johnson hasn't done is put the Military on the streets, because that way he can get the filthy police to issue on the spot fines whereas if he put the Military on the streets he couldn't!

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