May 8, 2021


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Bosnia on verge of becoming 'landlocked'

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48 thoughts on “Bosnia on verge of becoming 'landlocked'

  1. This video is against EU and NATO civilisation in production of yugoslavian komunistic fans. Croatia is a correct country, specially with Bosia and Hercegovina because there live a lot of Croatians, most of them on BiH coast close to bridge. Teory that Croatians from Croatia want to block Croatians from Bosnia and Hercegovina close to bridge is not intelligent nor it is true.

  2. NATO is the problem not solution terorists who are starting war with smaller country's around the world .They brake forma Jugoslavija in to 6 very small countries for easy control and taking natural resources for their own interests stilling from pour people .Very sad when you young man putting story of one country and deformation spreading lays 😆😢

  3. The Hercegovina Ship Company from Neum building the „ so called Hercegovina Nimitz also called Mustafa Ivica Erdowahnsinn“ can pass under the Bridge, the Flying Carpets Transporter has no problems to reach the Free Mediteranian Sea.

  4. There are 2 suspension bridges crossing Bosphorus, the only way for Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, and Ukraine to reach the Mediterranean Sea. The clerance below both bridges is 64 m. They were built during the time of Soviet Union (a nuclear superpower), and that clerance was never an issue. So, the difference is 9m. In addition, the depth of the water in that area is less than 25 m.

  5. Bosnia is an old Croatian kingdom from the 9th century and even this small coastline is inhabited by Croats from Bosnia like current state, which will change soon like Crimea.

  6. B&H is BSing… If Litvania, latvia, estonia and other conties are not landlocked with Greatbelt bridge, than they will not be locked by the Pelješac bridge. Balkans will find anything to figh around. Like dogs around a bone. Jadno!

  7. I dont see the Bridge a problem except that could be litle be navigation challange , but again like any other Bridges in the World . However it is to bad that Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina could not make agreement to create land passage connecting HWY to Dubrovnik link like it was before Jadran magistrala during former Yugoslavia time. I just don't think the Bridge was necessery. Divided sociaties are the problem, but is not total impossible that could not be resolved and HWY would be much cheaper version that would benefit Bosnia Herzegovina as well !

  8. I am from BiH and i think its 100% legall to build a bridge cuz BiH could build a port but its not gonna any time soon, in maybe 30 years but not yet. Anyway such a nice video!!! Can you make video about highway building from Budapest to Ploče?

  9. Die Brücke ist ein Resultat des Jugoslawienkrieges, der vom Westen geschürt wurde! Jugoslawien wurde zerstückelt, aber die Grenzziehungen sind teilweise sehr unlogisch! So ist das heutige Bosnien ein Kleinjugoslawien, wo wiederum Kroaten, Serben und Bosnier in einem Staat zusammenleben müssen, was nicht funktioniert! Außerdem gibt der Westen den Kosovo die Unabhängigkeit, obwohl es im Nordkosovo eine Menge Serbisch Orthodoxe Klöster gibt, die damit unter Kosovarisch muslimische Herrschaft gestellt werden! Wo bleibt da die Logik! Eine dumme Zerstückelungspolitik, die von der EU und den USA geschürt wurde, eine eine Menge neuer Grenzen auf dem Balkan entstehen lies! Leider waren da viele Schreibtischtäter aus dem Westen am Werk, die überhaupt keine Ahnung von den Ethnien in Ex Jugoslawien haben.

  10. Bosnia was always landlocked and had to pass thru Croatian waters to international sea. You are giving false information with your video as bridge still allow Bosnian ships to pass underneath. Also Croatia is building bridge on Croatian territory and Croatian waters. Inform yourself before making videos. It’s like no other country build bridge

  11. Since the Croatia declared independence in 1991, it has faced a territorial and logistical challenge: The picturesque walled city of Dubrovnik and its surrounding area are cut off from the rest of Croatia by a small strip of land that belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The construction of the long-awaited bridge — between Croatia’s mainland and the Pelješac Peninsula, which is connected to Dubrovnik — will mark a historic moment for the country, ahead of its planned entry into the EU’s Schengen free movement zone. It has also been described as marking a significant moment for the European Union. Paid for primarily by the European Commission, the bridge is constructed by Chinese state-owned China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) — making it the first major Chinese infrastructure project paid for by European taxpayers. Hrvatska!

  12. The bridge is high enough to allow commerical traficking to Bosnia and the Croats are in their right to connect their territory….I dont know which genius started this complaining when there is much bigger issues such as half the country being occupied by a criminal entity.

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