February 25, 2021


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Breaking Bad (Habits): Dr. Jud Brewer | Rich Roll Podcast

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34 thoughts on “Breaking Bad (Habits): Dr. Jud Brewer | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. I listened to this & enjoyed it, but I don't think I registered exactly what I need to do to break the cycle… (except take more plant medicines!)

  2. This is such a mind-expanding and enlightening conversation. I am so glad and thankful that I was able to watch it. Thank you so much, Rich, for your wonderful work. Your podcasts enrich me. 🙏🙏🙏

  3. I just heard this episode on Google Play Podcasts and I am blown away. I'm in 12 step recovery for codependency and it not helps me understand my own habits and behaviours but my ex partner's substance abuse. This also helped me understand my own meditation practice and why I'm not going as deep as I want. Thank you guys so much for linking up and doing this.

  4. He prescribes drugs to the public but doesn't seem to believe in them himself, also saying he doesn't want to "put things that might mess up my brain" in his body. Yet its his job to prescribe something that might damage the brain 🤔

  5. how can I BLOCK this IDIOT comin' out in german marketing his language courses and wearing just FAT around all his body, just like a piece of pastery to not sayin' sh***, a proof of someone who s not practicing really a health routine and advising me how to learn- just a lazy couch potatoe I have to trust in learning EFFIECIENTLY A NEW LANGUAGE- know already 5, thnk u- plz when I click for a podcast or another intelligent documentary, YOUTUBE, plz avoid me these IDIOTS u market! I DON T NEEEEED THEM IN MY LIFE_ ALREADY THEIR LOOK GIVE U AN IDEA OF HOW DYNAMIC AND INTERSTING THEY REALLY ARE INSIDE.. TO BE EVER CONSIDERED AS AUTHORITY… ;;;;;;;;;(

  6. I understand your reticence to invite psychodelics into your experience. I can't speak for mushrooms, but ayahuasca is NOT a party drug – it's so deep and awe inspiring that you actually fear it. As one shaman told me on retreat – ayahuasca is not your friend. It completely shifted my trauma in only 7 ceremonies.

  7. Every bad habit has a purpose and you need to understand why it is there so you can substitute it with a positive habit.
    If you e.g. smoke because you are stressed, it is not sustainable to just force yourself to stop. You need to build a habit to deal with stress.

  8. Hire me to explain the truth stress pathways and causes and the true anti stress pathways and solutions. Alot of the infomation is just propaganda even the infomation about serotonin being relaxing for example.

  9. Wow such a subject ! I have bean listening 3 podcasts for 2 days , super interesting. Rich Roll’s podcast my favorite podcast ☝️im listening podcast for almost one year it’s really transform my life 🧠

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