May 8, 2021


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BREAKING! Historic Market CRASH! – Stock Market Is CRUSHED! – Dollar Faces COLLAPSE!

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING! Historic Market CRASH! – Stock Market Is CRUSHED! – Dollar Faces COLLAPSE!

  1. The top of the pyramid knew what was coming…..

    Announcement Sept. 25th 2019:
    Ebay CEO Devin Wenig is stepping down

    Announcement Oct. 23rd 2019:
    Both Nike and Under Armour's CEOs are stepping down

    Announcement Nov. 18th 2019:
    T-Mobile CEO John Legere will step down

    Announcement Dec. 3rd 2019:
    Larry Page of Alphabet to step down, Sergey Brin to follow

    Announcement Dec. 23rd 2019:
    Boeing CEO steps down

    Announcement Feb. 11th 2020:
    Heineken CEO to step down

    Announcement Feb. 25th 2020:
    Bob Iger to step down as Disney CEO

    Announcement Mar. 13th 2020:
    Bill Gates to Step Down from Microsoft board

    Announcement Mar. 16th 2020:
    Lockheed Martin CEO will step down

    There were over 1,400 other CEO's who have also left within the last 12 months!

  2. No one is talking about India. They pretty much border China yet on WorldOMeters there's only 143 reported cases in a country with over 1 BILLION people. Oh and they also produce a ton of our goods like China does. India could be the sleeping bomb!

  3. Gold and silver went down enormously last weeks for some strange reason. The broker where I bought from a year ago took the site off-air. They also can't give any info about delivering date: I bet they are completely out of stock; and manipulating it's price before exploding.
    btw: last night, I saw 30 or more ufo's/satellite's flying behing each other, flying by for 5 minutes. (3 witnesses) They looked like moving stars of satellites. Strange Days:

  4. This could be a monetary reset. Business will collapse. Government can not bail out the people and the casino, airports, restaurants, autos, mortgages. This is a lot bigger than they are letting on to.

  5. Hey Josh, I have a question for you, I want to pull a good amount of my cash out of the bank here to avoid a possible bank run for the worst case scenario, should I do it?

  6. Money is a means of social and mind control.
    We are real, we work, we are the value. Money is only needed in a disconnected society without human values.
    All we need is unity based on common sense.
    I really wonder if we look at all the produce and machinery we have available and starve to death, because we don't have the money to pay for it.
    Are we really that stupid or do we find common sense and realize that violence, panic etc. will not lead anywhere?

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