October 17, 2021


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BREAKING: Jailed B.C. father offered plea bargain after speaking against teen’s medical transition

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45 thoughts on “BREAKING: Jailed B.C. father offered plea bargain after speaking against teen’s medical transition

  1. This is not Canada..????
    Now the state as more right and power over a child then the parents..????????
    I would become very very bad if i was that dad….!!!!!!!!

  2. Ezra: Drea needs her own show. She's a top talent reporter. Keean is gone now, time to give Drea her own show / podcast (she's your Sarah Keigan).

    Just a message from a fan of the Rebel and a fan of Drea. She's really good at what she does.

  3. I'm guessing the daughter doesn't live with the father lol.
    Does anyone have an american link for this so I can see the guys face? Publication ban is only in Canada

  4. Sick to my core over this horrendous evil… evil, evil people.
    The only thing that keeps me going is my faith in Jesus, and that all this evil is going to be swept away and put in a deep dark cell forever and the keys thrown away.
    Stay strong, keep your head up and do what you can day to day to oppose this ‘new’ insanity.

  5. Eliz. Dowdeswell lieutenant governor & Trudeau closed us down & must pay for CRIMINAL ACTS against humanity! OPEN UP ONTARIO!
    Nurse 50yrs. FAKE test, results, vaccines, news, politicians ( fear mongers, bullies SHAME ON YOU!!!) What if covid is a distraction so 5G Satellites DEVASTATING effects go UNNOTICED? BOYCOTT all smart products! Go to ThriveOn.com, BrandNewTube.com, BitChute

  6. If you have to seek medical treatment then it's an illness. If your free speech is restricted then it's illegal medical treatment on humans.

  7. This is not a judge its a token figure joke who is a communist destroying this country on purpose. Should be disbarred and jailed. Everyone involved persecuting this should be tried and imprisoned also.

  8. We are beginning to see that those who control our leaders and our lawmakers are corrupt to the core. They do not care about our children nor do they care about us, or what our constitution says. They also don't recognize our charters and our rights as Canadian citizens. Our Constitution and our charter of rights is being stolen from us by Medical Marxism. If we don't unite and fight against this evil agenda then we will lose more than what this father has lost. We all will lose everything. These nutcases what complete control. It is there way, their lives and they will destroy us to acquire what they desire. This will come down to a civil war that is what this will lead too and it will happen in all the nations of the world. The Bible calls this the coming tribulation. Time to get your houses in order because in the end the only thing that will matter is who do you serve. For me and my house I will serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. He should not have to plea bargain for anything, it is his right as a father to protect, that right!!! The judge has no right to condemn free speech. A child does not have the right to vote till 18, a human brain is not fully developed till the age of 25. A parent has the right to protect their child.


  11. This case is skewed in favour of those with a left wing agenda. Don`t be surprised that one day the government states all children born in Canada belong to the government! Yes, the same communist theme.

  12. if a child no longer listens/respects his parents let that child go. shame that child from your life. show that child the road walk away

  13. Pleading guilty is wrong. They will set him up for more offences. Then he's super screwed. Respect for the courts yes but being told in the first place that he can't talk about his own daughter . The original gag order is the problem . Humanity is screwed !

  14. What do you expect from lazy politicians and government to do anything but tyrannical as they have long not worked for the people. All goverments need to be dismantled and filled with real Canadians that don't care what the 1 percent want but what the 99 percent want.

  15. The entirety of the Canadian government needs to be let go. Just look at what has happened to the "true north strong and free" in these past few years.!!
    Between the silly costumes and the blackface worn by the Prime Mistake of Canada, and the hypocrisy of his "inclusiveness", his male feminism and his penchant for beating up senior citizens in the boxing ring, combined with his ability to cry on demand, all come together to make for one heck of an incompetent and fraudulent "leader". Duche.

  16. If the government wants to control our children than they can pay for their educations food clothes shelter etc..what's the point in being a parent when you can't parent your own child?

  17. We are living in a time when nothing makes sense. Our governments have lost their minds.
    People are refusing to acknowledge history. We are being censored for speaking the truth.

  18. The courts & legislatures have been punked by fake medicine.
    Here's what the core of what I sent to a lawyer defending one such father. Apparently, his screeners have kept him from seeing it , as I have not received a reply.

    "I am writing you out of concern for your client <name>" and his
    "transgenderized" daughter and the way they are being savaged.
    In following the case, I didn't realize the significance of <judge name>'s remark transgender medicine is based in "science".
    Please view this video by one of the real doctors working at John Hopkins when this fraud was started by Doctor
    John Money, who self-certified himself as a qualified endocrinologist after reading textbooks on Saturdays.
    Note the fraudulent "peer review" process and how the fraud was marketed.
    I am not qualified to render any expert testimony.
    I would ask the question, " Under <nation state> law, could the judge be forced to recuse himself, as his remark,
    transgender medicine is based in "science", is giving false "expert"
    testimony while not under oath, cannot be cross examined, nor is impeachable"?
    The judge, like Doctor John Money, seems to have silently self-certified himself as an expert."

    Other references:
    Doctor Exposes Transgender Propaganda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3T_QpR4FhU
    Transgender Clinic Whistleblower Speaks Out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ_bD6N1zNw
    Dr. Kenneth Zucker: "Children and Adolescents with Gender Dysphoria" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PljWJEwPvpM
    The Shocking And Twisted Origins Of Modern Gender Theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qXVOsI2KNE
    Biology Isn't Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkqFgnYmVdE
    He Used To Be Trans—Here’s What He Wants Everyone To Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlRkLtKqSrY
    What Doctors Aren’t Telling The Parents of Gender Dysphoric Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VovGbtShGvk

  19. This entire gender dysphoria illness was fabricated by a bunch of medical professor's, practicing + student ,psychiatrists + doctors that were partying, drunk, stoned or drugged out of their minds talking complete nonsense + one says " I think nature make mistakes sometimes when babies are born, a mother gives birth to a boy but it was suppose to be a girl" 2nd pothead says "Ya happens all the time, sometimes the baby is a girl but was suppose to be a boy" 3rd pothead says "Wow that's what happened to my buddy's sister, she was suppose to have a girl according to ultrasound + when she had the baby it was a boy" And here we are people, Gender dysphoria created so the medical profession can experiment on children. In my day, Gender dysphoria didn't exist, if a young person was confused a doctor might prescribe a hormone that supported/strengthened their biological gender assigned at birth, Not give hormones to stop their birth assigned biological gender, This action of allowing the doctors + minor kids pick the gender they want to mimic is a crime against good parents, decent morals + humanity

  20. This is insane how the hell are they justifying putting a man in jail for the beliefs he holds? I'm all for being progressive but you can't force people to accept your identity by making it illegal to have a different opinion than you. Fire that hippy idiot Trudeau and let's take our country back while we still have half a constitution.

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