March 8, 2021


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BREAKING: Legal campaign launched to help FIGHT Covid fines in the UK

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING: Legal campaign launched to help FIGHT Covid fines in the UK

  1. BLM are now a political group in Uk, they are looking to sit in our parliament, why how come the groups antifa extingtion rebellion are backed by government that's why they can do as they see fit no police action, Muslims are free to do as they please, English folk are gated by the British establishment..

  2. The government issued new 'guidance' to OFFCOM (media oversight body) that essentially makes showing opposing views on con-vid-1984 illegal.
    But we don't live in a dictatorship or anything.

  3. In Wales now apparently the homeless aren't allowed to buy a blanket because it's not an essential item. How f*#ked up is that? You Ezra, are showing up the pathetic Marxist journo's for the scum they are for not calling this crap out.

  4. My neighbour was 90 years old a few weeks ago, another neighbour bought a cake and a few people in the street stopped by to wish them a happy birthday and share a slice of cake. This "gathering" was spread over 2 gardens, mine and my neighbours gardens with them staying on their porch so not getting close to anyone other than family, so everyone was well spaced. The police called about an hour after the cake and toasts were done and the few people gathered had dispersed (and gone to bed in the case of the Birthday celebrant). They had had a complaint about a wild garden party being held (at the wrong address, somehow they were told of the address of the kind neighbour providing the cake). If we can't stop and congratulate someone for reaching that impressive age and remind them that they are appreciated what are we trying to preserve?

  5. You don't need the legal cyst stem (lawyers/liars) to fight the corrupt legal cyst stem.

    You are not the legal name.

    The legal name is the linchpin that holds this matrix together.

    This is the long and short of it. • when you use the legal name, claim to be that legal name or carry any ID with that legal name, you are a criminal using a name that doesn't belong to you.

    Everything registered belongs to the crown, and that includes the name. The name was registered when your parents applied for a BIRTH CERTIFICATE so when you use that name you are using a name that doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the crown.

    Since the Crown owns the name (everything registered belongs to the crown) then they are the ones who should pay the bills or any liabilities connected to the LEGAL NAME because they own the name.

    Just like the house you live in (if you own it or think you do) and the car you drive. The Crown owns them because they are registered. That’s why these things can be taken away from you because they never belonged to you in the first place. They belong to the Crown and if you continue using that name you will be treated like a criminal and they will keep coming after you.

    Google LEGAL NAME FRAUD and find out how to free yourself from the matrix and how to avoid paying ALL fines.

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