May 11, 2021


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BREAKING: NEGATIVE Interest Rates Are HERE! – INSANE Bailout! – Prince Charles Gets Coronavirus!

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38 thoughts on “BREAKING: NEGATIVE Interest Rates Are HERE! – INSANE Bailout! – Prince Charles Gets Coronavirus!

  1. Hey Josh – Anarchism has never and will never be a solution long term. History is the proof. Period.
    My 100% support for DR.CW’s ideas and innovations is based on that basic fact. 
    #BitcoinSV is the straight opposite to anarchy🙏

  2. I use to work for the USPS and it is pretty efficient. I also worked for Fed Ex and the post office has them beat. Probably the only government program that has been a long term success.

  3. Our government (Holland) said they want group immunity and 60% infected with the virus. I have to inspect elevators; work still goes on, with no gloves or gel. It's like playing Russian roulette with five bullets. Bring it on Corona (I've probably had it already)! If they spread air-borne-ebola, I drop my gear and start running to a sailboat with my silver under my arm; and a crossbow under the other.

  4. Like most of your content Josh, but maybe you should consider not traveling all over the world if you claim to be broke, you claim to be this advocate of having gold and silver to protect your wealth which is good advice, but yet again it sounds like you couldn't even afford to have it yourself, you should be saving money and converting some of that into gold and silver, especially for the coming collapse which will be bad. Being broke will have you lining up in a government cheese line, but than you claim you don't need the government, and are very anti-government, very contradictory to what you promote, your not in a good situation to avoid being dependent on the government from the sounds of it, take care of yourself first, practice what you preach more. Yet again, i really don't know everything about you, where maybe you have your money nor do i care too, but based off of this, that's the way i see it. Also you do realize crypto currency is a digital currency with no physical form and is cashless basically? The government will find a way to buy it up eventually to prevent it from becoming a threat to their fiat currency or get creative and come up with something else.

  5. Josh, if you have any proof that the chinese are incinerating people alive, please mention it. Just saying sensational things like this works against you in the long run.

  6. FYI: The treasury can issue ( mint) coinage interest free and then use that coin to pay debts. This idea is not crazy but running a debt based fiat currency for a national economy certainly is.

  7. Josh ty for all! If I printed the money amd your name was Jamie D you would borrow money all day at negative rates or if I was not so greedy I may pay you a few billion just to take that trittion. Am I right? If so why is NOBODY TALKUNG THIS? Also search the zog who control the white house. It has summary at bottom of page you can't the percent of control and there is 38 links. A person better copy all 38

  8. Hahaha, that feel when my money is safer in a cryptocurrency exchange than in the bank xD this is so ridiculous now, I’m so done with this whole satanic system. Just a few more years and I can bail out and live on an island somewhere.

  9. "I'm broke" but listen to me about how the finances work in your country. The economy collapses partially due to COVID-19 and he acts like what he was saying all along is why the economy collapsed. You can't take the W for something that was not related to the other.

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