September 25, 2021


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Breaking News: Not Even Billionaires Can Cheat Death!!!

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36 thoughts on “Breaking News: Not Even Billionaires Can Cheat Death!!!

  1. You say in this video what is the point of inheriting the world, By means of money and things you can acquire and do, if you can’t prevent death. Well, the point is to enjoy life while you’re living it!

  2. I think this was one of the most refreshing and freeing videos I've seen you do, and I've taken part in your meditation sessions!
    The imminence and certainty of death sure makes this silly little life thing seem very jolly, fun and lovely.
    Take a deep breath, exhale and smile; we're gonna die some day.
    Ahhhhhhh 🙂

  3. Unless you were a Rockerfeller or Kissinger….with an unlimited supply of fresh organs and unvaxxed blood from China ?
    Obviously, Biden's getting second tier merchandise….appropriate for his pay grade.

  4. Used to want to lve forever but over the last couple of decades Ive been into meditating and such. Ive watched lots of docus of people who died and came back. Now Im excited about dying, I cant wait to do whatever it is we do when we die. Of course theres the chance that we just cease to exist in which case , fine, why not? But I dont think anything bad will happen, which I think s what a lot of People worry about.

  5. Imagine you become immortal. One day you decide to take a hike alongside a mountainside when there is a huge earthquake and the mountain falls on top of you. You are immortal so you survive unscathed. However you are stuck in the middle of huge pile of rubble and you while you are immortal you do not have super human strength. So just imagine. You are stuck there, waiting for hundreds of millions of years waiting for everything around you to erode enough for you to escape. No thanks. I’ll take death instead.

  6. Has anyone ever spoken to the dead in their dreams?

    I wonder, since the beginning, how many times everything in existence has been reduced to dust from decay? Maybe there is something eternal in the world, like Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life? I have weird thoughts.

    I just wanted to have fun with one other person for eternity; maybe say hi to others in the same situation.

  7. Yep. The body dies. The best technology is only going to prolong the suffering of an ever ageing body. That's not the whole story. In a very real sense death doesn't exist. Individual plants, animals including us die, but life continues. Our matter is transformed into new and interesting shapes (just think, your car and the fuel driving it were once gigantic animals and rainforests). The dance of Shiva. Form changes, that which gave rise to form never does. It was there before you were born and will still be there after the body perishes.
    The really good news is that we can have personal experience of That. That is the luck of a human birth. You can know, first hand That, that is the origin of all things. The Universe as we currently understand it. And all it's bodies including our own short lived but amazingly able to know it's own source. WOW! What a gift.

  8. Anyone that is trying to avoid death is undoubtedly a atheist or a bad character avoid judgement everyone happy to face the creator to one day speak to him about all the hidden secrets before this world and in this world 🤲🏽😁👍🏼

  9. So…… the scientists think that there is smth wrong with human beings cuz we cant live forever, like if there is a living/non living entity that can live for eternity and the human beings are the only ones who can't

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