April 10, 2021


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BREAKING: Now You Can Get Legally Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine!

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50 thoughts on “BREAKING: Now You Can Get Legally Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine!

  1. Just as with censorship these days the vaccine mandate will be enforced by corporations. The Great Reset will involve a significant transfer of governance from governments to corporations. That is where things are going on their present trajectory…..a Transnational Corporate Imperium. Americans will find this especially difficult to actually see or understand on account of generations of capitalist indoctrination and therefore they will be almost defenseless against it. They will fall for a series of scapegoat propaganda operations along the lines of Russia Done It or China etc. They will be unable to see it is their own elite Capitalist class which is selling them out……enslaving them actually in a Corporate Neo-feudal dictatorship….a capitalist dictatorship!

  2. Thousands marched in Germany yesterday against this SCAMdemic insanity. We need a planetary action of non-violent protest. We can now unite in the noosphere (also called cyber-space) to organize.

  3. When government imposes arbitrary mandates and law enforcement is willing to enforce them it is a dictatorship. Consider the fact that every person is treated as though we are a toxic threat to society, that our very existence is causing others to die, that for one to live means the death of others. Given the data available masks have not proven effective in stopping or even reducing the spread of virus. Flu shots have not prevented the flu, they cannot provide an accurate flu vaccine because the viruses are changing all the time. If you're worried about the US becoming a dictatorship it's too late! It already is!

  4. #_____
    ____((Mr President something is amiss. Illegal immigrants should be vaccinated first before American citizens. Illegal immigrants were financed and brought here by the Soros Foundation and Leftist Democrats for Election Fraud, to take away from Americans earned tax benefits and jobs. The Leftists Democrats are determined
    to have a coup d'etate.. 88 million illegal immigrants should be made to take the vaccine to protect American citizens and the economy. If the illegal immigrants do not take the vaccine deport them immediately. American citizens are being fired or denied their jobs if they do not take the vaccine.
    Illegal immigrants are not American citizens and neither are American residents who cannot be forced to take the vaccine.
    I SEE CLASS newbud newsbud (_((((

  5. It is still an experimental vaccine and you have to consent to an experimental vaccine. You do not have to take an experimental vaccine. It can not be mandatory.

  6. We the people need to have our rights for protection when it comes to liability with the pharmaceutical companies I guaranty if we could sue on individual or mass lawsuits COVID would magically disappear just think about it.

  7. The vax won't prevent transmission. If you work, get vax'd, you're probably going to pick up the bug in the workplace anyway, just like you would any seasonal flu.
    What are they going to do to people who are vax'd and get sick – call them "threats?" Terminate them?
    We used to have empathy for each other. Now it's threats.

  8. Just because the govt said they can do it does not mean it's legal.
    We've seen several states enact all kinds of Covid measures that when challenged in court they were not legal.
    Our govt is not above lying. In fact, they rarely ever tell the truth about anything and at this point they are no
    better than any other dictatorship.

  9. I hope there is a lot of postal incidents where management is executed by employees wrongly terminated, I also hope there is a lot of workplaces that burn to the ground if they act this way

  10. Look at this Bit Chute, "this is it !!! crimes against humanity the covid lie fully exposed – class action lawsuit" Lawsuit started in Europe and Canada, maybe.

  11. I predicted they would do this. And as for the masks, the boxes the masks come in say they do nothing to protect from Covid-19. At least some of them do. I have seen them.

  12. I hope you're saved Ms. Edmonds. Islam was created by the Vatican to combat the protestants. Islam is part of the Babylon Kemetic Mystery school system. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

  13. I remember years ago working with asbestos… & we would have to take a break every two hours or so to allow for fresh air w/out wearing masks! Now that somehow isn’t a thing.. & when I bring it up to employees at the grocery stores, they just look at me w/this strange look on their face.. it’s weird they say nothing & just have this look, like is this guy really speaking to me right now!

  14. What you see in mainstream media. Nurses getting willingly the vaccine. Please people don't believe that BS. Wake the hell up brother's and Sister's. Government and military is not you friend. Is everything planned long time ago.

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