April 20, 2021


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Brent Johnson (US Dollar, Bitcoin, Chinese Digital Currency, Stock Bubble, Personal Freedom)

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25 thoughts on “Brent Johnson (US Dollar, Bitcoin, Chinese Digital Currency, Stock Bubble, Personal Freedom)

  1. They created the covid scam to force people into their homes so they're not able to work and earn and have to depend on the government. That's their brilliant control strategy because they're dividing all of us with social distancing Classic Divide & Rule strategy which the british used to enslave and rob half of the world 😐 I feel this is all because they want to own all assets themselves and create a feudal system where they rule and everyone lives under them and serves them because the public won't own any real assets or precious metals they will have to lease everything from the government. That's how the British used to enslave and then gradually they will quash free speech and freedom liberty as well Guys we should all spread this info as much as we can so we can bust their plan and stand united against this♡♡♡ Rise up people before it's too late ✊ don't handover your wealth and freedom to the curropt government Remember what history has taught us he who owns the gold sets the rules⭐ Thankyou for sharing this information how they have been and will transfer the people's wealth to themselves and enslave us all the people will get only what they choose to give us ☔ Shut the people down, don't let them work and give them crumbs (Stimulus) ♨️❄thank you for sharing this information People need to know the truth before it's too late ☆

  2. What part about bombing poor lesser equipped nations is upright and brave? Go in there gun for gun, let's see the boasting, willing to guarantee that number will be 40k. Quit your bullshit man, bangladesh and pakistan is getting around without trading dollars, yuan is fed through our import export banks to facilitate joint ventures with China. R

  3. Now the theory makes so much sense 👌
    this is egyptian military vs muslim brotherhood 2.0 style but with an american flavor go Trump 💪❤
    DXY will dump then spike

  4. Interesting. However, Brent is getting the value of USD wrong. Negative interest rates will flip his arguments. USD will be like garbage, you have to pay to get rid of it

  5. I agree about everything this guy says about the markets, but people have been shorting Amazon for over 20 years now! I remember all the expert on Cnbc saying everyone should short Amzn at $25. I remember APPL being a joke at $12. Cryptos could go up for another decade or more before the highs are in. Always look 20 years out. Humans have a hard time with that.

  6. You guys seem to be totally out of touch with what is happening to everything outside of Europe and the US. Asian & African peoples already are buying & selling using the Chinese yuan through Alipay ever since Alibaba allowed them into its network to buy and sell goods. Also, why would people want to get away from dollars? Simple, to get away from sanctions. Ever since Trump weaponized the SWIFT system, people started looking for alternatives.

  7. Brent, you think the Greeks just handed over the power of the drachma, the Roman's decided to give up the power of the denari, the Byzantine's thought to hell with our solidus – what are you talking about? World reserve currencies of the past didn't simply just vanish on their own terms, they were stripped away internally from the self destruction of the massive empires. The Tytler Cycle playing out within each of the civilizations. The Tytler Cycle will once again gobble up it's next victim, America.

  8. I love this guy the more the news is bad the better it is. When the wife and kids leave, you lose your job, go bankrupt, and have a heart attack things will get better. Interesting!

  9. Nobody speaks of it or ever mentions it but I think we need to stop looking at the dollar as only just a currency, it is a form of security and that's why, to the best of my knowledge, it has always been the country or empire with the strongest and most powerful military that had the privilege to hold the world currency reserve. Only when their military power is overtaken by another, whether through war or technological advancement, does the country or empire loose that status. Look back at Rome, the English Empire, etc. So as long as we got the biggest gun the dollar ain't going nowhere. Take that to the bank.

  10. The milkman's argument for dollar reserve currency is as following….. US is hegemon and will destroy militarily anyone who wants to change that status….he imlpies by saying whoever did it in the past doesn't exist anymore….like Gaddafi and Saddam…..he suffers from a hegemonic mindset so shouldn't be taken seriously as a economic expert

  11. US assets are too richly valued for capital to go there rather than say in India or China……. reality of geo political situation change …..asia is not middle east….so get your head off your ass

  12. As Stalin said: the Pope, how many (army) divisions?
    We always have to remember 2 inalienable facts:
    – US is the 1st miltary power.
    – USA has all the things it needs within it's borders: oil, gold, food, coal, gas etc…

    The idea that anyone would trust the CCP with their hard earned money is a joke!

    USD up!
    Yuan down!

  13. George, this BLS chart appeared in the NY Times Daily briefing, could not

    X axis negative percentage not employed relative to start of recession
    Y axis months since employment peak

    current slope is zero and yet to fall, like watching the market for a crash, with all past CRASHES

    worst is coming based on 2007 , well all of them

  14. Brent mentions that the dollar will eventually crash, but he doesn’t see that right now, but he doesn’t explain what event would signal this. My belief is that the signal for this event is the fed monetizing more debt than private and foreign lenders, and the way they talk about how they saved the system in 2008 tells me they are prepared to do that in the next crisis

  15. I think Brent is starting to sound much better comparing to the interviews from early this year, I can get behind a lot more of what he says now than before. Thank you George for this interview, great job as usual.

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