March 4, 2021


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Brexit Talks COLLAPSE Again

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43 thoughts on “Brexit Talks COLLAPSE Again

  1. If ‘No Deal’ is better than a ´Bad Deal’
    as BoJo says since a very long time, then,
    ´No English Fish imported in Europe ‘
    is better than ´Bad English fish imported in Europe’.

  2. Good bye UK !
    Unfortunately, if UK wants to prohibit everything to the European citizens, and workers.
    We are sure , that in the same time, the UK
    government and the UK citizens would ask to have all rights in Europe : Business, Jobs, Services, Products, Health care, Retirements, Studies, Housings and so on in Europe !
    Good bye UK !

  3. "we will veto the deal if it isn't good for France"?
    And I thought it was all about Europe…….
    Shows that France and Germany want to rule Europe…….

  4. In reality, the chances of a 'deal', which,at most, would be a minimal deal, is not worth the salt & pretty silly to agree with something whose cost greatly exceeds any benefit anyway.

    Even if one is agreed , it will either be squashed by a French veto in the EU parliament, or, even if it gets passed there, will face the chop at Westminster, either way, it's flogging a dead horse.

    For Boris JOHNSON to keep the option of a poor deal alive to the 11th hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, is a pathetic example of desperation on his part.

    As I have said many times before, better to die on your feet(free & sovereign), than to live on your knees(inside a vassal – psuedo state-EU).

    One has to ask a simple question, "Has the government forgotten that 50 million people died in just one world war, either fighting to protect,or defend universal freedom from dictatorships of one kind or another, of which the EU is one form of"?

  5. After the Super US Donald Clown has lost there remains only the Boris Clown – Britain is again isolated! The question is now what will Brexit cost and was Brexit really a good idea or a never ending disaster? I think the British People should stop the Brexit or the Brexit and COVID-19 will stop the UK!

  6. Just be honest it won’t happen. And “If” does happen let’s prepare ourselves for a long term of a non-relationship. Following a very large divorce bill that unfortunately coming from the taxpayers pocket. Look through the war history and why Britain became part of the European Union after the Second World War Two. England and France does have their own marriage and divorce history. Alway in conflict for silly reasons. Just thinking how many British people left Britain to settle down of having a good job, or retirement in the sunny 🌞 beaches of Italy as an example. I don’t think they never want this and now they are coming back home. Because they feel apart and separated from the what they are called “second home”. Thank you Cameron and Farage to make Great Britain united again and so proud. Free market movement will stop soon slowing down everything and making difficult to cross over the channel.

  7. Talks have been collapsing over the last four years. There never should have been extension after extension. All time wasting, when we should have walked away from the start. However, thanks to weak-willed politicians talks continued. Boris walk away. You need to concentrate on getting this country back on track because of the Covid screw-up.

  8. Didn't vote for a deal..voted to leave! Brussels is just showing other countries in the union how difficult they will make their lives if they dare to try and leave.

  9. What part of ''fuck you we are leaving '' don't they understand ?
    .Do you get the feeling we're being scammed by ''someone'' within our own ranks ?
    Who would have thought ?

  10. The UK said it would walk away from talks in November of the talks weren't going anywhere, which they didn't, and we walked away for for like three days, before restarting talks with the EU, apparently on a 'only come back to us if you have dropped your level playing field and fishing demands' basis, yet it's reported that even to this day, that the EU is still insisting on those demands.


    Time to call no-deal, the talks are going no-where.

  11. Don't care about macron, Merkel or any other muppet in the EU. Talks collapsed? Good !! We keep our waters our borders laws and sovereignty. Dont trust any of them as far as I could throw them. Macron as we all know is a self serving hypocrite who is up for election soon and wants to score points . So we walk away and take their uk water fishing rights away

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