May 12, 2021


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BRILLIANT: Dr. John Lee, Prof of Pathology UK – Unlocked Documentary!

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40 thoughts on “BRILLIANT: Dr. John Lee, Prof of Pathology UK – Unlocked Documentary!

  1. I work at a hospital in California where we cleared out everything, waiting for an overwhelming surge that never came. I tested positive for Covid early on, no symptoms. This video helps me realize why that likely happened. Thank you.

  2. Total BS. You are the last part of the horse you road in on. Did China test a viral bio weapon on their own people? Possibly. Corona is real and deadly to many. The vaccine is how to resurrect the world from the stupidity of China

  3. In the clip with bojo the clown, the clown's face was clearly indicating how great what he was hearing was that masking was filthy / unhygienic.

  4. This broadcast was so meaningful to me, that I listened to it again …. Oh how we need this balance to all the narrative that so many people have been following the past year! … Scientific debate is certainly missing these days …. So difficult to try to express a "different opinion", even with some family members, which results in fractured relationships that we hope will gradually heal in due time.

  5. There's no humanity left. People have beenscared to the point of stupidity, where we're pretty much willingly carrying our brothers and sisters to burn at a stake. I fear the future now more than ever. This madness has brought out certain colours in many people that I"m not too fond of…

  6. Has he missed the point completely?? He is favourable to experimental genetic therapeutic injectables and seems to have missed the point on pcr tests. Dubious video IMO. What a shame. Seemed promising at first.

  7. never believed any of this bullshit since day one, haven't worn a masks, knew it was bull, never believed the testing, . this is just about money and its a scam..

  8. May 2021- India is giving the mainstream narrative all the ammunition it needs
    I have many Indian friends and they say what is happening in India is mainly the result of circumstance unique to India.
    However, India will be used to justify further suppression of free speech, movement and medical care.
    Welcome to dystopia.

  9. I never get the dislikes thing. So 80 odd people simply disagree with this guy and resolutely hold on to the idea that government and scientists still make decisions for the benefit of reducing covid cases to zero???

  10. We need a wide spectrum of voices and ideas that can provide a real world plan for how to move forward with a virus that is, and will be, endemic to the human population. We must acknowledge the real reality of the data which shows we are dealing with a virus that can most certainly be managed with sensible solutions. Not the politically motivated abstractions of 'reality' that fits the narrative of a worst case scenario.

  11. The Covid-19 response was determined before this scare was born, in a display of incredible naivety, this chap appears utterly clueless as to how deliberately contrived this scamdemic has been even though the wheels are starting to fall off this operation.

  12. Pretty much confirming a lot of what Mike Yeadon was saying, unfortunately Mike can get very animated and his passion can be confused for being manic. John is calm and confident, but make no mistake, they are both accurate in what they say.

  13. Brilliant, I would like to hear his in depth opinion of the vaccine. The science behind its design and exactly how experimental and cutting edge it is

  14. I love all of what has been said but i was amazed at your statement the vaccination program was a success when there is no data to prove any long term effects of this new experimental vaccine, so i am so sorry to disagree with this on this principle.

  15. Common sense coupled with real science and debate is all it takes. But of course, they're not interested. They've already got what they wanted, with their fear mongering. Great video. Music a bit too loud and overwhelming, though.

  16. Great interview; however, the background music became distracting and annoying….for me at least, but thank you.

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