July 26, 2021


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British Cab in Bangkok #shorts

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29 thoughts on “British Cab in Bangkok #shorts

  1. I miss them cabs, difference if how much you pay for them in the uk 😂😂
    Fun fact, they are high because londoners used to wear top hats

    Another fun fact, they can almost do a 360 turn on the spot due to London's tight roads

  2. The London Taxi Company now owned by Geely China good to see them now being shipped around the world I used to love taking one sometimes to school way back in the day.

  3. Hey Chris
    I just saw your interview you did
    Really enjoyed it very interesting what you said about Thailand your proud of being canadian and proud to be in Thailand your second home

  4. Looks like a nice ride. So is it metered based on distance + time? Or is it a set fee based on what the driver asks for (like a tuk tuk or some cabs)… or is it a price determined by an app algorithm (like Uber or similar rideshare apps)?

  5. This wouldn’t be one of those electric versions that are coming out in the UK,would it? Bangkok could benefit from some electric vehicles, I recently saw a video on an electric Tuk-Tuk and just wondered if an EV trend is starting in Bangkok as well.

  6. C Parker changing the Short game! I love CAAB these are so great, Jib and I just filmed a short about these yesterday as well. we take them all the time. so comfy.

  7. Hi I have just been in Bangkok, I'm back in Australia now but i saw one of those cabs around Sukhumvit, and I thought I was dreaming, London cab in Bangkok mmm lol. Does look great though. Love your videos mate keep it up

  8. From Central Ladprao to Asoke is around 11.5 KM or 7.1 Miles, the fare is 180 THB. It is slightly higher than Grab Taxi as you mentioned at 140 THB. Comparing to the fare of regular metered taxis, the fare could be around 105-150 THB since it depends on many factors such as distance and time. It is a city route with unpredictable traffic flowing. In sum, a good ride with a good fare.

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