April 10, 2021


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Broncos v Storm | Round 11 2020 | Telstra Premiership | NRL

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Broncos v Storm | Round 11 2020 | Telstra Premiership | NRL


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28 thoughts on “Broncos v Storm | Round 11 2020 | Telstra Premiership | NRL

  1. As usual everyone calls for the coach to go but he isn't out there letting the opposition walk in a try. You can buy the best coach, but you need a couple of best players out there. Every player is put under the review microscope so if they can't say that player is lazy give him the axe then sack the coach.

  2. Game of two halves! Broncos looked good first half but even as commentary said once the flood gates open they just can’t hold on. They looked like a completely different side 2nd half storm stepped it up a gear and found the weaknesses and completely different class shows why opposite ends of the table storm still trying to create chances till last whistle

  3. those poor broncos …. they tough it out for 10 mins and then once the opposition take supremacy they lose all leadership, all cohesion, all structure and all pride …. there is no joy in watching any professional team lose, particularly one with such a positive legacy as the broncos …. but when they are being pummelled by 30 + every game it is the arrogance and stupidity of the franchise ownership and management that must be held accountable for ripping the heart out of the players and the supporters … shame on them

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