March 3, 2021


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Bucks County, PA Board of Elections Director Tom Freitag CONFIRMS Spoiled Ballots Illegally Handled

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26 thoughts on “Bucks County, PA Board of Elections Director Tom Freitag CONFIRMS Spoiled Ballots Illegally Handled

  1. Fraud, fraud and we have YouTube endorsing fraud by their little reminders brainwashing us to think they are the authority. We didn’t vote for YouTube to be in congress. How in the world does a company get away with this? Yeah, they are making deals with the devils. They are liberals and liberals need the democrat party and the democrat party is being taken over by liberals. What could go wrong? This is all out war.

  2. So arrest and prosecute and jail. They know what they are doing. I would have asked who is responsible for this? And fired them and held for the police. Set an example.

  3. If this corruption goes without the D.O.J.doing their damn job, we are screwed and America is lost. China will be our master and the media will be burnt to the ground! The Democrats are nothing more than traitors in bed with China who sold us the hell out!!!

  4. Why can my credit card alert me to potential fraud 15 seconds after it happens but the Federal Government with all it's money, power, and alphabet agencies can't protect my identity, social security number, and my vote? This should be the top priority of whoever wins this election.

  5. If it’s just misunderstanding on the part of the workers, those ballets should be a mixture of candidates. If you find that every one of the those misplaced ballots are for precisely one Presidential candidate, then that’s suspicious.

  6. Is project veritas purvey to the alleged "donations" of Zuckerberg to election judges of $350 million?

    I know another journalist is researching it, but they just tossed out a teaser on it and youtube seems to be going dark.

  7. While the left have been listening to misinformation, us conservatives have been gathering and analysing information. Because, we could see through their bullshit.

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