October 17, 2021


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Burgess Owens Drops a NUKE on Dems Comparing Georgia Voting Laws to Jim Crow

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47 thoughts on “Burgess Owens Drops a NUKE on Dems Comparing Georgia Voting Laws to Jim Crow

  1. I hope this reaches Mr Owens , I often listen to you, As an American Iwish to express my gratitude for the way you are fighting for the truth, to resist this effort to turns us into neo Marxists. This racist insane narrative, dividing us, going against what we are a family loving people, a religious nation, …. liberty of choice, opportunities if you work hard, small Government. I am a woman old, I happen to be white, what do I see in you: a Courageous American, that is all, I feel truthfully thankful for standing for all of us. Thank you, God bless you. We have to reach the "useful idiots " that have been brainwashed or are to lazy to get informed, or to lazy to think for themselves.

  2. I'm really not surprised to hear so much racism come from the Democratic Party they are the party of the South like it's no joke like they were literally created by racist KKK white supremacist republicans are the party of free the slaves people really need to do some history lessons because I tell you this much nothing exchanged

  3. We must keep pointing out the daily lies from the left. Everyday they lie to you. Why do you keep watching and listening to them? Why? THINK FOR YOUR FCKN SELVES!! Do some research on your own, Have you forgot you have the world at your fingertips. Make up your own mind stop being a sheep.

  4. Wake up people. They count on you to be stupid and lazy. The man in the picture , grew up then, you see what he thinks about what the media wants you to believe. I firmly believe most people who are racists are the ones talking about it all the time in all their conversations. Always accusing others trying too hide their own hate. What they don't seem to realize is anyone with a good heart can see right through the BS. Let it go, there is good and bad in every race! Find some good people and live your life the way God wants you to! All we want is to know our votes are legally cast and accurately counted. Nothing more nothing less. How can anyone be against the truth unless they are running from it?

  5. 'Jim Crow'….can only be commented on by those that lived through them. Democrats do not support anyone except those that pass their 'standards' test…..and we all know what they are!

  6. When my 20 plus year old needs ID for the Covid virus for the Covid ID and for a marriage license. What the heck’s gonna be next to illuminate to gain the Constitutional rights to all Americans

  7. Well when you had a perfect system to cheat without any way to prove it, throwing in voter id laws completely destroys that ability. So of course its going to be looked at in some way, guess racist is the word of 2020's, everything is racist if it goes against what democrats want.

  8. Right On Mr. Burgess!” “U” Hit It Dead On The Nail!!! Both My Parents From South Carolina!” Born In The 40s & Yes They Lived, The Jim Crow Era!!” & The Georgia New Voting Laws!!! Have Nothing “2” Do With Jim Crow!” Democrat’s Are Big Mad; Because They Cannot Steal Any More Elections!!!” It’s “A” No Brainer!!! My God When “U” Fly The Airlines “U” Have “2” Show IDENTIFICATION!!!! What is The Problem???? Get “A” ID

  9. Thank you Mr. Owen's! I was a child back then, but remember the horror. My mother would cry when the news showed blacks being beaten, subjected to police dog attacks, etc. To call secure voting laws Jim Crow makes me absolutely sick.

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